Aperitif on the terrace? The new trend

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Thanks to the weather that does not fear the coronavirus, here is how to organize an aperitif on the terrace, the new #stayathome trend. I did it with my family and for the occasion I wore Made in Italy with this fabulous 24.25 Clothing dress.

apertif on the terraceSince we will have to stay home for a while longer, we create opportunities to feel a little freer and less reclusive: here’s how to organize an aperitif on the terrace and have fun.

And why not? For us women, it is also an opportunity to dress well and feel beautiful.

I chose to carry on the pro Made in Italy campaign by wearing a beautiful boho chic dress from 24.25 Clothing, the Italian brand that dresses women on every occasion such as during smart working.

My maxi dress, which you can buy here, seems made for me and I couldn’t wait to wear it.

What better occasion than an aperitif on the terrace? In practice I created the basis for being able to put on make-up and dress completely!

How to organize an aperitif on the terrace

In reality, this scheme is also perfectly suited to an aperitif in the garden, on the balcony or even at home. Just get some space.

The environment must be welcoming and trendy and I decided to focus on the Buddha Bar mood.

I then spread a colored tablecloth on the floor and added some maxi ethnic pillows. A few flowers here and there and the environment was quickly recreated.

Ah no one detail is missing: the wine. The good one, however, to be served strictly in the right glass. I chose my favorite red, an Amarone della Valpolicella from the Monte Santoccio farm.

Because an aperitif on the terrace cannot be separated from the quality of what we drink or eat. Would you ever go to a club where you eat badly? Not me.

So the first rule to follow is that of quality.

The second is to surround yourself with pleasant people while having an aperitif. Of course, since we are forced to stay at home, we have to get by with our roommates but always remember that there is the alternative of video chat.

And it is the solution that I will adopt in the case of the next aperitif since the husband can no longer stand it hahahahahahahahahahah.

How will we spend this summer?

The aperitif on the terrace made me think about what will happen this summer. Surely our swimming pool will not open and most likely you will not be able to travel yet. We wanted to go to Greece but obviously I canceled everything. I would have done it anyway because in case you can travel I prefer to help the Italian structures.

So I’m currently thinking of buying a new garden furniture to make the most of the space we have.

Maybe I’ll even take a mini pool! What are you saying?

aperitivo sul terrazzo

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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