Who knows me well knows also that boho chic style is my favorite. Those who know me superficially may think that I am a rock-inspired singer.

The reality is that since I was born in the 70’s and a fashionista’s of those years daughter, I’ve always seen boho chic style as the perfect style for me.

So today you see me in a boho chic look that is characterized by a pink faux fur jacket, a maxidress and my inseparable Wendy bag from Fosca Firenze with cow prints.

The look was just built from the bag that with its animal print perfectly embodies the boho chic style as the Twist Bracelet by Joy Boho Jewels.

I decided to create a bit of friction between the dress and floral printing of the dress because I like playing with the mix & match and I’ve completed the look with this adorable pink jacket.

I found fur and dress in a beautiful shop in the Northern part of Rome.

It is called Flair Il Tuo Stile and ships all over Italy.

While I chose my boho chic look I first spotted the maxidress and I found that the brand is for curvy women!

I am not curvy as I am really flat on both sides but I had to have this dress!

Obviously the Husband has been “proactively” activated to make these shots in Veio Park. He was so happy that he did not try to drown me under the waterfall.

A real miracle! You should have seen the murderous look he had!

I was wearing:

Fax fur jacket and dress found @Flair il Tuo Stile

Joy Boho Jewels Twist bracelet

Fosca Firenze Wendy bag


Tips of the day:

-This look is suitable for both “flat like an ironing board” like me and those with the softest lines, the chemisier-cut maxidress is perfect on everybody!

-Are you looking for rain boots for your little girl? Here are Ludo’s tips

-Today, find a healthy recipe with Daniela’s vignarola

stile boho chic

stile boho chic (14)

stile boho chic


stile boho chic (13)

joy boho

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Selvaggia Capizzi

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