Summer 2022 dresses : what to pick

With spring struggling to arrive, you might ask : is it appropriate to talk about summer 2022 clothes? Let’s say that for me it is a good omen and that I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about summer 2022 fashion trends, are you ready to see what I have chosen?

It is time for spring to make its appearance and take us away from torrential rains and for this reason I decided to make an auspicious gesture and show you some anticipation on the summer 2022 dresses that I found in this case on Noracora, a shopping site online where you can find summer dresses at low prices.

Now I’ll show you what I found and what are the summer 2022 fashion trends.

Summer 2022 dresses, fashion is still inspired by the 70s

The 70s were truly iconic, both for the victories in terms of women’s rights and in terms of fashion.

Also in this next summer season the fashion of summer 2022 dresses is inspired by that of the 70s and I have chosen 3 dresses that remind me of the ones my mother wore.

The first dress I selected struck me for the blinding colors to say the least, blue and fuchsia, I also like the model, flared and floating, you can find it here.

Then I chose a patterned print long sleeve dress in neutral tones of white and beige. It has a deep neckline, like the previous dress and for me as a puritan it needs a safety pin ….. You can find the dress here.

Finally I also got a white dress with flounces and bare shoulders which, being very light, will be a perfect sundress. You can find it here.

Little black dress, is it worth having it in the closet?

Among the summer 2022 dresses, the classic little black dress cannot be missing, to say it in Italian we are talking about the classic little black dress so loved by Audrey Hepburn,

I chose a long-sleeved, flared model with a scalloped neckline that you can find here.

Let’s say that this model is more suitable for spring than summer but it can also be used transversely in winter by putting on a jacket and an ecological fur.

I am ready for summer 2022, which will see me, on June 4th, age another year (yes it will be 51 !!!) and as I write it I really think about when I started writing this blog that I was years old 37 and they called me the old woman.

Who knows today if the same people would give me a spade to dig my grave ????

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