Noracora shopping haul, my review

Today I’ll tell you about my shopping experience on Noracora, a low cost clothing site where you can buy the latest fashion trends at low prices, but you have to know how to choose carefully without having big su noracora

Today I want to tell you about my shopping experience on Noracora, a low cost clothing site that sells exclusively online and where you can find the latest fashion news at very low prices.

However, it is important to know how to choose and not to expect excellent quality, I anticipate it for the avoidance of doubt because it is easy to be disappointed.

Shopping on Noracora, my experience and my guidelines

I got to know this site thanks to some fellow bloggers, I saw that it had some pretty interesting and trendy clothes and so I decided to try to do a shopping experience on Noracora myself.

If you click here you can see exactly the items I have chosen and now I’ll tell you what I think item by item.

Let’s start with the white and beige V-neck sweater (product id 10690107): compared to the photo, the beige is less brownish and more café au lait but all in all it looks good and is of good quality. I wore it with jeans and python boots that have the same colors as the sweater. It fits wide, so if you want a better fit, go one size smaller.

Then I chose a white sweater with embroidered neckline and buttons on the slightly puffed sleeves (product id 12813137) which is identical to the one shown in the photos on the site. It fits very well and you can take your usual size,

Still remaining in the knitwear sector, I selected perhaps the cutest of the three: a blue sweater with white scalloped edges (product id 4940064). This too is abundant so I suggest you take one size less than what you usually take.

Let’s move on to the two jackets that I took and which alas are very different from what you see on the site. My fault. I should have paid more attention to the pictures and not have high expectations.

The first jacket is a dusty pink teddy coat (product id 12811025) that is much more disheveled in real life than in the photo, let’s say it’s okay if you don’t expect the super fluffy teddy. It fits right.

The second jacket, the yellow double-breasted one (product id 12820837), was my disappointment: it does not have shoulder pads as it seems in the photo and it is extremely abundant, the fabric is a kind of wool but perhaps it looks more like velcro.

My opinion? You can buy it without great expectations
Let’s say that apart from the two jackets which weren’t exactly what I expected, the rest is absolutely wearable and also well made.

In this regard, I also leave you a discount code, which is always useful and which gives you 20% discount on the whole site for orders over 1 dollar: SNS2021

Let me know if you take anything and what you think!

Selvaggia Capizzi

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