Are you working at home and thinking of staying in your pajamas ?? Beware! The video call is always lurking! Here is a smart working outfit so as not to be caught by surprise! And consider that these photos were taken in unsuspected times!

smart working outfit

If you are working at home and are convinced that you can be in pajamas or in a  gym suit, it is better that you get a smart working outfit because a video call is always around the corner.

I who am always in smart working mode except when I work outside the home I no longer find myself unprepared after an unpleasant episode that I will tell you later.

The smart working outfit must be practical and chic

My smart working outfit, taken long before the lock down, actually had to represent the modern office look, but since now in Italy, only remote work is allowed (without prejudice to essential activities), I decided to convert it in a smart working outfit.

The suit I wear is from Star, one of the brands distributed by DuediDueShowroom and has a very cheerful pop mood that is not bad at the moment.

Why is this a smart working outfit?

I’ll explain it to you in 3 adjectives: cheerful, versatile, neoclassical

Neoclassical because it is in classic herringbone tweed which gives a certain seriousness, mitigated by the patches inspired by pop art which, together with the shirt, make this look much more cheerful. And in a dark moment like this, a little cheer serves like bread!

It is also versatile because if you are inside the house you can simply wear a shirt and skirt while if during the video call the spirits heat up you can go out on the balcony or in the garden wearing the matching jacket.

But what benefit are associated with being well dressed at home?

Certainly the first benefit is the moral one. Keeping a habit of going to work (even at home) with make-up and well-dressed will make this serious emergency situation less heavy.

And then hear my story!

As you know, for years I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and, having a role of responsibility, I had to be always available even when I was sick or on vacation. Even if it was a maximum of 10 days a year and therefore with a very low statistical probability, the video call was always a risk.

One summer day I was enjoying my vacation day by the pool when I get a Whatsapp message from my company saying that in 2 minutes I would be put through a videoconference. But how? I do not have time to get up and run inside the house that I get the connection request …. and that’s how I made the video call in a bikini !!!

I was so desperate that I only tried to frame my face. Too bad I was without makeup and with disheveled hair!

And has such a thing ever happened to you?

look da smart working

look da smart working

look da videoconferenza
Selvaggia Capizzi

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