Giulio Guerra, italian genuine leather

In Venice, the city symbol of all-Italian beauty, I brought with me another example of Italian excellence: the Luna Cielo bag by Giulio Guerra, a brand of genuine leather bags and accessories that wants to spread the Italian lifestyle all over the world. What do you think, do you like it?

giulio guerra borse in vera pelle5 days in Venice passed in a flash, but luckily I have the photos to remind me of unforgettable moments and these you see are particularly dear to me because I have a super colorful look that features the Luna Cielo bag by Giulio Guerra, an Italian brand that produces high quality genuine leather bags, strictly Made in Italy.

A really nice combination, don’t you think?

Giulio Guerra, genuine Italian leather bags

Venice, as we know, is unique. A city that the whole world envies us for its beauty. Giulio Guerra is a brand that produces elegant and clean lines made in Italy genuine leather bags. Could I not take some pictures with my Luna Cielo right in Venice?

Made in Italy for Made in Italy!

Each Giulio Guerra bag is entirely made in Italy with Italian leathers and by Italian artisans. This is the time to choose Italy, both as a holiday and shopping destination.

Because it is known that we Italians are often the subject of criticism for our inability to be rigorous and scientific, but it is equally true that without us tourists would not know where to go and what to buy, LOL!

The things that struck me most about my Luna Cielo are certainly the blue color and the half-moon shape that is so fashionable at the moment but, to tell the truth, the thing that really convinced me to take it was the quality. leather (it’s called dollarino) that I could see even just from the photo on the site. And when she got home she was exactly like in the picture. Same color, same shape, really TOP leather!

A very satisfying fact for me because if there is one thing I hate it is being disappointed.

On the site you will find many other models characterized however by simple lines and delicate and fashionable colors.

We help our country and buy Italian.

Venice faints …..

I returned to Venice after almost two years, do you remember my stay at the Excess Venice? Well I found a very different city_ in the meantime few people (luckily I would say), a lot of police (it was the days before the G20) and above all the Venetians with a story to tell: that of the high water of 2019, the year in which they are gone I (but before). A concomitance of unfavorable events has generated an unprecedented level of water that has created enormous damage, even moral.

They really struck me because they are super used to high water but this story touched them deeply.

Even the Mose, which we know how to work today, does not reassure them, because it seems that it cannot always be activated due to costs.

In short, I think that saving Venice is a priority, the Mose must always work and not in fits and starts. What do you think?

giulio guerra borse in vera pelle

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