white tie dress code according to etiquette

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Although there are very few occasions to wear it, today we try to understand what are the requirements for a white tie dress code according to etiquette. You never know, Queen Elizabeth could also invite you to dinner!

dress code white tie

After talking about cocktail dress code and black tie dress code, today we go through the white tie dress code according to etiquette.

Of course, it is not every day that you receive an invitation to a gala evening with such a strict dress code but you never know, right?

The dear Elizabeth of England is a veteran of the white tie dress code and I think she also goes to sleep dressed like that!

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What does white tie dress code mean and when is it used?

White tie means…..white tie, so our man must wear a white bow tie tie strictly hand knotted. a white waistcoat and a jacket with tails …. basically a penguin! Ah of course he must also have the pearl cufflinks on the cuffs

And us women? Modern etiquette requires only the long dress but the truth is that the white tie dress code for a woman has even stricter rules, let’s see which ones:

  • The dress must be long and sober and delicate, so yes to pastel pink, white, gray and lilac. Absolutely no bright colors and fantasies.
  • The gloves must be up to half the length of the arm and in satin
  • The hair must be gathered and it would be better to wear a tiara.

There are not many opportunities to wear such a rigorous dress code, an important first at work, the great debut ball, an important charity evening but …. Hollywood is crazy about it!

Hollywood stars love this type of dress code

And they use it inappropriately even for evenings so a simple white tie dress code would be great!

Hollywood parties are full of men in white ties and women who believe they are abiding  this kind of dress code with a long and … red gown!

The reality of the facts is that unless you are a close relative of the aforementioned Queen Elizabeth or the rulers of Monaco …. this dress code you will never see indicated in your invitations.

But it is good to know something because it could happen to you to receive an invitation to the royal palace! Or at a Hollywood party with the wrong dress code!

dress code white tie vestito

abito elegante white tie

dress code white tie

white tie dress code

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    And you look beautiful with those hairclips in your hair, you really look like a princess so watch out for the post because the invitation of the queen of england must be coming ahahahah !!



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