Cocktail dress code according to etiquette

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The cocktail dress code according to etiquette is perhaps the most used and loved one. Because even if it provides a certain elegance it guarantees, at the same time, various degrees of freedom as with this dress by Grace Karin!

Last time we talked about the dress code black tie and white tie, today we face one of the most used dress codes: the cocktail dress code according to etiquette.

And in the dress that I wear in these photos and that you can find on Grace Karin is the classic cocktail dress. In lace, long up to the knee on the front and longer on the back.

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First of all, what exactly does cocktail dress code according to etiquette? And why did I suddenly start talking about etiquette? Am I crazy?

Of the meaning of cocktail dress code according to etiquette we will talk later, first I explain why I will dedicate a few posts to the etiquette.

Let’s face it, the etiquette is a great bore, especially when you study it as in my case. For a series of events that I’m not here to tell, from 11 to 18 years I was required to study the etiquette. And to me who liked Dante and Manzoni, etiquette could not care less.

Of all the information that I collected in those years I have used a dozen at most, the rest in my opinion is dictated by common sense and a healthy education.

Lately, however, I was asked to apply a part of those concepts for an event that I hope to be able to talk to you soon and that forced me to brush up some memory.

Result? Bah I realized even more that you can also know the etiquette by heart but politeness is another thing.

Let’s take a random example: if when you enter someone else’s home do not greet….. you’re rude, certified by etiquette but anyway rude 🙂

And after this digression, let’s talk about the cocktail dress code according to etiquette, what does it mean and when is it used?

For the woman, the cocktail dress code includes a dress that is generally long to the knee, in lace (not transparent), satin, silk or in any case an important fabric that can be of various colors or fancy (but which is discreet and elegant).

When do you use a cocktail dress code? Beyond the situations in which it is clearly specified in the invitation, the cocktail dress code is perfect for a wedding day (avoiding black or white), for a semi-formal mundane event or for an elegant dinner but where it is not required the dress code black tie.

What you see in these photos turns into a cocktail dress code look just by removing the denim jacket.

Ph. Credits Claudia Frijo

cocktail dress code

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