Black tie dress code according to etiquette

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Today we talk about bon ton: what is the black tie dress code according to etiquette, what does it mean, when is it appropriate and how should we dress?dress code black tie galateo

Have you ever received an invitation with a black tie dress code ? The etiquette has a series of dress codes for each type of event.

Today we will understand together what it means the black tie dress code according to etiquette, when we have to use it and how we have to dress. And what’s the difference with the white tie dress code .

Women can choose between a long evening dress in chiffon like the one I wear and that you can find here or even a shorter dress but the important thing is that it is at least at the knee (not above, for heaven’s sake). The jewels must be beautiful and important but not excessive. No to long gloves (reserved for the white tie dress code) and remember that even if it would be better to wear a dark gown, in the new etiquette the black tie dress code no longer makes this distinction.

The hair should be tied, which I did not because the photos were taken before I finished preparing, otherwise the light went away!

And men? For them it is a must: dark suit and black tie … so the tuxedo!

When is the black tie dress code obligatory according to the etiquette?

For evening events of a certain elegance, such as a party, an elegant dinner or a premiere. But obviously you have to look at what is written on the invitation.

Because if it’s a gala dinner or an Oscar night or an event at the embassy, ​​you might even have a white tie dress code.

And there I want you: because it is the most formal and elegant dress code and requires men to wear the tailcoat or the tight and for women long dresses, gloves and if, you are married, even the tiara !!!!!

In my long life I won 2 parties with white tie dress code  and I guarantee you that I did not enjoy it at all.

I hate the waltz and I am a threat to the feet of all my companions. And above all, formal occasions are as tight as a pair of Dolce & Gabbana shoes!

If you liked this post and you found it useful to know that I am thinking about the idea of ​​making others always inspired by the dress code.



dress code black tie galateo

black tie dress code

Tips of the day

  • Another important theme of etiquette is how to behave at an important event where everyone is attentive to good manners. Let’s start with the main rule. Be yourself and turn down the voice tone of a good 10%
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