pictures backdrops, where to buy them

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Pictures backdrops are actually the best solution for us fashion bloggers! What are the best locations to create original and unique photos? If you are always looking for special places and maybe far from prying eyes to take good pictures, here is a “trick” that will help you!

Pictures backdrops may represent the ideal solution for us fashion bloggers .

A street with trees and flowers, a field of poppies, a beach at sunset, a colorful mural, a meadow with cherry trees in bloom … here are the most popular locations at the moment.

Often, however, these places are full of people (and fashion bloggers!) And so it becomes complicated to pose in a relaxed manner. Personally I struggle even when I’m alone, let alone amid people who punctually start staring at you as if you were posing naked! But how curious is people?

The solution would be to wake up at dawn, when everyone is sleeping (me too!) and take pictures in full freedom for a result that is certainly more original and spontaneous, but I can not do it! I’m an atypical fashion blogger!

Professional pictures backdrops are the real solution. There are many for sale and at really affordable prices. They can be of all types: pictures backdrops for wedding photos, fashion, Christmas, for birthdays. They are physical backgrounds, therefore not virtual and for this reason they are much more realistic.

There are also beautiful pictures backdrops for children; colorful and beautiful to make unique shots!

Here is a site where you are spoiled for choice! It seems an excellent idea for those who love taking pictures but do not always have the desire and time to dive into the street or look for places and particular locations. I leave you a selection of the backgrounds that impressed me the most. Tell me what you think or if you have chosen others.


Tips of the day

  • Pictures backdrops can be a great idea to take original and beautiful images and turn them into posters, paintings and even presents for our loved ones.
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sfondi per foto

sfondi per foto

pictures backdrops

Pics Taken from Backdrop shop

Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

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