Couple look for Valentine’s Day

look di coppia san valentino

Is this really us? With a couple look for Valentine’s Day ? Well yes! The pandemic has changed the dynamics of our family, before we celebrated the 20 wedding in lock down and now, apparently we will also celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. And we are ready! To take these photos with our couple look for […]

Leopard print coat how to wear it

cappotto leopardato 2021

Today we are talking about a great classic: the leopard print coat (which is also in fashion in 2021) and how to wear it without being overly aggressive. But above all today I will tell you a story of many years ago that has as protagonists a coat and a mother who is quite determined […]

Unforgettable shoes: Alessandro Oteri

sandali indimenticabili

Back to the past with a pair of unforgettable shoes rescued from my closet, they are Alessandro Oteri’s sandals, I promised him that I would wear them again and here they are. Curious to know their story? A new T Shirt, a skirt from last year and unforgettable shoes, Alessandro Oteri‘s sandals, one of the […]

Home clothing chic and comfy, where to find it

abbigliamento da casa chic e comodo

Do you know what loungewear means? It is a chic but also comfortable home clothing also suitable for welcoming friends when you don’t want to think too much about what to wear. Today I tell you where to find it! The term loungewear stands for chic but also comfortable and practical home clothing and has […]

Boho chic fashion

moda boho chic on line

If, like me,  you are passionate about boho chic fashion, today I tell you where to buy it online,  quickly and easily. I found this lovely flounced mini dress with floral print, do you like it? Buying boho chic fashion online? I did  it on Shein and I took this mini dress with the flounces […]

How to turn a dress into a top

come trasformare un vestito in un top

Here we go again, I buy a dress online and it’s too short for me! So here’s how to turn a dress into a top without the need for needle and thread! I often have to turn a dress into a top and you? I am on average tall (1.73), nothing special, I know women […]

Organic influencers: who are they?

Macro influencers vs organic influencers. Who are the latter and why does it seem that they will steal the job from someone who has influenced marketing for years? A few days ago I came across an article that talked about organic influencers and the possible role they will have in the influencer marketing of the […]

2019 fall fashion trends: polka dots

tendenze moda autunno inverno 2019 2020

Hi everyone, my name is Selvaggia and I am the queen of laundries! To introduce you to one of the most important 2019 fall fashion trends, polka dots, I decided to put myself directly into the washing machine! Among the 2019 fall fashion trends, polka dots are still very current. HAHAHAHAHA! WHAT? Did you think I’d […]

Tricot crew neck sweater by Kate Kasin

maglione tricot girocollo

A white tricot crew neck sweater is a classic that cannot be missed in our wardrobe. It is a last minute option that solves many situations of indecision. Mine is oversized and I found it on Kate Kasin! Cover up, it’s cold outside! My mother would have liked this tricot crew neck sweater, she who […]

3 instagrammable places in Venice

luoghi instagrammabili a venezia

Today we talk about 3 instagrammable places in Venice, including the Acqua Alta Bookshop and this lovely bridge with gondolas and small pole with the word Love! Want to know what they are? Read here! Which are the instagrammable places in Venice and which ones are less beautiful when seen live? Today I take you […]