Chocolate cake, and easy and quick receipe

Quick and easy chocolate cake, today I present a recipe easy in its preparation but at the same time very tasty. This recipe is for chocolate lovers, it is a soft cake, it’s easy to prepare and with a few ingredients the result is guaranteed.

foto ingrediantiToday I present my first recipe in the blog of something sweet …the chocolate cake.

The chocolate cake that we will prepare today is very simple and quick to prepare, but it will surprise you with its softness and its delicious chocolate flavor !!!

After years of “brick” cakes with eight eggs of my grandmother (that the day after it was already hard and you could eat it only with milk ) I discovered that the cakes can be made even with only three eggs and do not necessarily have to be bricks! ! 🙂 🙂

The chocolate cake was born in my various tests to find a cake for every day that lends itself to both breakfast and a snack.

The chocolate cake can be served with cream or accompanied with strawberries, each one has its own taste !!!

This is a basic recipe and simply replace the dose of the chocolate with flour to make a simple cake, perhaps with the addition of lemon zest.

Then get ready for the chocolate cake recipe.

190 gr. flour;
60 gr bitter cocoa;
190 g sugar;
3 eggs (at room temperature)
80 ml of seed oil;
2 jars of lean yogurt (125 gr each).

First turn on the 180 degree unventilated oven

In a bowl beat eggs with sugar (the eggs must be at room temperature)

uova e zuccheroAs the eggs have become foamy, add the oil and then the yogurt, mixing it well.


In a bowl put the flour, the sifted bitter cocoa (to remove the lumps) and the yeast. Stir with a spoon.



lievitoAt this point add the mix of cocoa flour and baking powder. Starting by first putting a spoon and when it is well mixed proceed with the addition of the other mix.


primo cucchiaio
With the whips amalgamating well.

torta al cioccolato
With baking paper, cover a plum cake pan and pour the mixture.

torta al cioccolato
Put our chocolate cake in the oven to cook for 30/40 minutes.
After the first 20 minutes of cooking you will be inebriated by the scent of this fantastic chocolate cake.

Always do the toothpick test !!!
With a toothpick poke the cake: if it comes out dry it means that the cake is cooked. Otherwise, cook for a few more minutes.
Let the cake cool in the pan.
Enjoy your meal!!!!!!

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Irene Basso

Irene Basso

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