Risotto cooked in a pressure cooker, an easy way

Today I present a quick and easy recipe of risotto cooked in a pressure cooker with asparagus and lemon zest. As usual I propose a simple but above all quick recipe and to do so, here we are again using the pressure cooker. prodotti

Today I present a quick and easy recipe for risotto cooked in a pressure cooker with asparagus and lemon peel.

In this recipe the use of the pressure cooker allows us to significantly reduce the cooking time of the rice compared to the traditional method, 5 with whistling, and for those who always go running is the ideal !!!!
Spring has finally arrived and among the many vegetables of this wonderful season, the first ones are the asparagus that we use for the risotto cooked in a pressure cooker with asparagus and lemon peel.

We try to always prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables because it grows naturally and is not forced by excess fertilizers and pesticides …. and it is also for this reason that two years ago I decided to take a “kitchen garden” … but this is another story!

Are you ready to try your hand at this new recipe of risotto cooked in a pressure cooker with asparagus and lemon zest?

Ingredients for 4 people for risotto:

1 bunch of asparagus;

1 fresh spring onion or 1/2 onion;

1 glass of water;

3 ½ ladles of long-grain Ribe Parboiled rice (preferably of good quality);

8 ½ ladles of water;


extra virgin olive oil;

peel of 1 organic lemon (because we will use the peel).

Wash the asparagus, and first cut the tips and put them aside, then they will serve at the end.
Cut the woody part of the asparagus (you will notice that starting from the stem is the clearest part and you have to cut the point where the knife has no difficulty in sinking) and make lots of pieces.
At this point chop the onion and fry, add the pieces of asparagus, salt and cook for a few minutes and medium heat.
Add a glass of water and close the pressure cooker and cook for 6 minutes.
Drain the pressure cooker and mix with a blender while keeping the pan tilted.
Add the 3 ½ ladles of rice and cook for a few minutes, add salt and add the 8 ½ ladles of water and the asparagus tips that we put away earlier.
Close the lid and cook for 4 minutes from the whistle. After 4 minutes turn off the heat and vent the pressure cooker. When you open the lid of the pressure cooker, you will notice that on the surface there will be a layer of water, mix with a wooden spoon and let it stand for a few minutes.
Grate the last of a lemon and mix, at this point to serve.Ecco ready your risotto cooked with a pressure cooker …. enjoy your meal !!!
Also for this recipe I have to give thanks to my friends / colleagues Federica and Maria who every time, with so much enthusiasm, lend themselves to previewing my recipes !!! Thank you!!


taglio punte

taglio asparagi

taglio cipolla

risotto cotto in pentola a pressione

risotto cotto in pentola a pressione

risotto cotto in pentola a pressione

risotto cotto in pentola a pressione

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