The VF Boxes are finally available, the cooking boxes that will allow you to set a customized event at home. They are rich in strictly Italian products of the highest quality. In each box you will find everything you need to organize a family aperitif, a birthday, an anniversary. Read here!

vf boxes cooking boxesAs you know, I like to give voice and support to Italian entrepreneurship and today I’m talking about a truly brilliant idea: the VF boxes, the all-Italian cooking boxes with which you can create an event at home in a few minutes.

I organized a family dinner based on amatriciana and I amazed the husband who knows perfectly well that I am the negation of the kitchen.

How did I do it? I let myself be guided, but above all I got help!

VF box, the cooking boxes to organize events at home in a few minutes

At this moment, as you know, it is not possible to organize events, in the evening you cannot go to a restaurant and while a large part of my female colleagues know how to cook delicious dishes, I don’t even make a fried egg.

Precisely for this reason I am a frequent visitor to bars and restaurants!

Last Saturday I thought of organizing a dinner with an aperitif at home, as a guest of the Husband (we fed the son before) and to avoid incurring his ever-numerous criticisms I tried to bring Italian excellence to the table.

That’s why I chose the VF box You Chef Salty Box and inside I found all the Italian products of the highest quality:

Snack, salami and Crusco peppers for an aperitif

Tomato sauce, artisan bacon, Gragnano pasta and pecorino cheese to prepare amatriciana bucatini

Extra virgin olive oil

Various samples of Modica chocolate all washed down with an excellent red wine!

But that’s not all, I also found a rose-shaped candle and a cadeau with a stabilized rose to set the table.

It was really impossible, even for me, to make something wrong!

In a few minutes I set up the table with aperitifs and gifts and prepared the pasta. Husband appreciated

The genius of Italian female entrepreneurship

The VF boxes are born from the synergy of two Italian women: Flavia expert in events and in the production of organic EVO oil and Vanessa entrepreneur in the marketing and communication sector.

The basic idea is to bring the events to people’s homes and that these events are tailor-made, that is, tailored to the needs of the customer, so not only are there various types of boxes but you can request their customization.

The VF boxes are also suitable as a gift box for relatives and friends thanks to the possibility of customization and above all to the great attention to detail and the quality of the products contained within the box.

In fact, the real innovation of these cooking boxes is precisely in the search for high quality Italian flavors, particularity (just think of the Crusco pepper) and originality.

The Love box is also very popular, a heart-shaped box dedicated to Love and Friendship. Inside are some sweet delicacies and a miniature bottle of exclusive rosé wine with a luxurious and romantic packaging. Here everything is ready and you can immediately taste it!

The real innovation of these cooking boxes is precisely in the search for high quality Italian flavors, the particularity (just think of the Crusco pepper and Modica chocolate) and the exclusivity of the products contained and of the box.

Here nothing is left to chance.

Let’s choose Made in Italy!

cooking box

Tips of the day

  • How do we dress for an event at home? We must always follow the rules of etiquette, if the dinner is informal we can opt for a simple look like this
  • If, on the other hand, the event is more formal, you can choose a black tie dress code or a cocktail dress code.
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