I viaggi della (s) fashion blogger: Lubriano

Tornano i favolosi viaggi della (s) fashion blogger! Questa volta i km percorsi sono un po’ di più. Sono arrivata a Lubriano in provincia di Viterbo, un paesino adorabile e dove si mangia molto ma molto bene! Per l’ormai notissima serie dei favolosi viaggi della (s) fashion blogger……eccomi approdata in quel di Lubriano, un delizioso […]

Trullallero trullalà: Alberobello

Se non credete alle favole dovete venire ad Alberobello! Uno dei paesi più fiabeschi che abbia mai visto. per l’occasione ho scelto un look molto comodo e tanto hippie….e niente tacchi per una volta!! Buongiorno! Insomma proprio tanto buono questo giorno non  è…. Soprattutto guardando le foto che abbiamo scattato ad Alberobello, se penso che […]

Hippie, happy chic

Una giornata tra amici ed un outfit hippie ma chic….hippie, happy…chic!  L’ennesimo dono di questo blog è stata l’amicizia con Paola di The Mora Smoothie che è venuta a trovarmi nel villaggio assieme alla sua bellissima famiglia. Mio figlio ha subito idolatrato il loro e con la scusa ha anche agguantato i giochi del nuovo […]


You’ve already seen them worn but today we exclusively talk about them, my new shoes in the heart  Discordia by Eros@Afrodite.  After being tested on all types of road I came to the conclusion that they are very comfortable, a quality that is very difficult to find associated with beauty.  Typically, the most beautiful shoes are also […]

Sodini collezione primavera estate 2014

Sodini bijoux have become for me a statement and the new 2014 spring summer collection consolidated my love for the creations of one of the most famous brands in Italy.  Recently, Sodini has decided to jump in a new adventure, or better, to extend its expertise in the field of accessories, accompanying the jewelry to a lovely collection […]

Ruco Line and graffiti wall

New appointment with my favorite graffiti wall, apparently the drawing has not changed this time!  I am wearing the only sneakers non sneakers that I have ever fallen in love with, the famous Ruco Line, because every now and then, I like to be more comfortable! Nuovo appuntamento con il mio murales preferito, ma questa […]

Royal blue and gray

  On Romwe I found the perfect coat to match with my Tribtoo! And this time I decided to combine royal blue to gray. As background I still have our vintage car inside which you can spot the little head of my son.  In fact, our little prince was very happy to get a ride on board […]

Electric blue jeans and coral clutch

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I could save few pictures of these shooting for one reason: I just did what my husband said and we failed the light exposure…. So none of these pictures is showing my face since the ones where I was looking at the camera are way too dim….which, in turn, […]

The pink blouse

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! This Zara pink blouse is adorable, I love the delicate puffy shoulders and the color. It has a downside anyway, the need of be ironed frequently, which will somehow prevent me from abusing of it since I hate ironing! Thanks Alice of Appunti di Moda for these pictures. Questa […]

zara floral print blouse

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! One day I was ravaging the Zara store in Bologna together with my friend Lucia (who happens to know my closet better than I do) when we stumbled on this Zara floral print blouse and she said: “hey, that blouse would be great with your Alexa and your Carvelas”! […]