Where to sleep in Chios, the homeland of Homer

Facing the coast of Turkey is the fifth largest island in Greece, here are some suggestions on what to do and where to sleep in Chios

dove dormire a chio, ville di lussoImmersed in the splendid setting of the Aegean Sea, Chios is famous for having given birth to Homer and for mastic trees. Today I give you some tips on where to sleep in Chios.

It is rich in black sand beaches or with pebbles immersed in lush vegetation and the sea wherever you go is always crystal clear and rich in shades between blue and emerald green.

Chios is not only sea and beautiful landscapes because there are about 66 very characteristic villages, Byzantine monasteries and museums to visit.

Where to sleep in Chios to fully enjoy what it offers?

For a dream stay in a luxury villa in Chios, book Mastiha Villas, a complex of 3 independent, full-featured dwellings, very close to the most beautiful beaches of Agia Fotini, Monolia and Agios Ioannis.

The villas have a splendid view of the Aegean Sea and are surrounded by a garden of mastic trees. For a relaxing holiday Mastiha Villas is ideal for couples and families with children.

In particular, Villa Mastic Drop and Villa Schinos are both available for rent and can accommodate up to 5 adults. In the soft pastel hues typical of Greece the two luxury apartments have privacy, soundproofing and independent entrance.

The villas are spacious and feature a double bedroom, a large living room with a fully equipped kitchen and a dining area.

From the bright hall you enter the patio, ideal for having breakfast with the splendid panorama of the sea in front and the evening to enjoy the silence and the breeze of this stretch of paradise under the stars.

The villas are modern, characterized by good finishes and can be inhabited up to a maximum of five people. Villa Mastic Drop and Villa Schinos are the right place to stay in Chios for the peace of the place, for the comforts they offer and because from here you can easily reach the beaches, the center and the cultural attractions.

Your stay in Chios will be unforgettable even if you decide to stay at Mastiha Villas taking a dip in the pool and sunbathing on the solarium in complete relaxation.

In the evening, however, don’t miss the sunset followed by a romantic barbecue in the garden.

Even for children the living room is five-star thanks to a space for games dedicated to them.

Villa Mastic Drop and Villa Schinos also offer free parking and wifi throughout the hotel.

The owners pay great attention to the customers so that the stay is an indelible memory.

What to see in Chios

Don’t miss the Archaeological museum and the Byzantine museum.

Surely the most original is the museum of Mastice, the typical product of Chios.

It was used as a bargaining chip with the Mediterranean populations thanks to its multiple uses and the healing properties known since ancient times.

Among the villages certainly worth a visit is the fortified town of Pyrgi dating back to the medieval period which is architecturally influenced by the two centuries of Genoese domination.

The exterior of the houses have the uniqueness of having been made with the ‘scratch’ technique.

To move from one point to another on the island, the car is the fastest and most comfortable way.

In short, Greece is not just Crete or Skiathos, there are so many unmissable places and this year we’ll see you in Chios!

dove dormire a chio mastiha villas

dove dormire a chio mastiha villas

mastiha villas where to sleep in chios

where to sleep in chios mastiha villas

mastiha villas where to sleep in chios

where to sleep in chios mastiha villas

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