what to see in palma de mallorca

What to see in Palma de Mallorca: this is a good question. I try to make a brief summary of the best beaches and tourist attractions that I liked best!

Today we talk about what to see in Palma de Mallorca: I take you with me to discover the most beautiful beaches of Palma De Mallorca and the points of interest of this magnificent island of the Balearics.

Let’s start with Cala Llombards: discovered by chance thousand and thousand of years ago when I came to Palma with my friends for the first time. We were looking for Ses Salines, we got lost and we ended up here.

In those days it was a little known and rather deserted beach, with the exception of a nice nudist who brightened our day. Cala Llombards is today really crowded. The crystalline waters and the white beach are assaulted by hordes of Anglo-Saxons, Saxons ….. in short, all those who have the color of the skin so clear to reflect.
Too bad, it was so beautiful in desert island version …..

The Castillo Bellver is one of the attractions of the capital Palma: impressive and perfectly restored offers a breathtaking view of the city and the beautiful cathedral. The only drawback: you can visit only from 10 to 18 …. when everyone is at sea!

I finally arrived in Ses Salines, after so many years I finally managed to find the most beautiful beach in Palma: Es Trenc.

We must get there from Ses Salines, because it is the most beautiful part of this huge beach populated with nudists. It is a natural park that borders the salt marshes, a truly unique sight!
I wore Goldsin’s jewel tattoos that allow you to be trendy even on the beach!

On the fourth day, another amarcord, we went to Alcudia, specifically to Ca’n Picafort. Millions of years ago on this beach we came to pick up the boy who at the time I liked it …… but it’s a pity that I did not like him!
In any case, I still had the ability to discern and I noticed that the beach was beautiful and very long. Highly recommended, go there if you are in Palma!

The evening did not end in the best way unfortunately: we wanted to go to the Toque restaurant in Palma but it was sold out and we had to fall back on a terrific Asian restaurant!

But the next night we made up: we went to the Toque and it’s really the best restaurant in Palma de Mallorca! Try the mango soup with coconut ice cream!

See you soon with new episodes on what to see in Palma de Mallorca!

Cala LLombards
Castel Bellver


Ses Salines
Es Trenc
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