What to see in Azerbaijan in 7 days

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Are you curious to visit a fascinating country different from our culture? Here are some suggestions on what to see in Azerbaijan in 7 days!cosa vedere in Azerbaijan

cosa vedere in Azerbaijan

What to see Azerbaijan if you have 7 days?

A trip to Azerbaijan is culture, beautiful scenery and ancient cities dotted with skyscrapers.

Closed between the Caspian Sea, Russia and Iran, Azerbaijan is a nation not yet invaded by mass tourism that is worth visiting.

The ideal period is from April to October, so it can be an excellent solution as a destination for summer holidays.

What to see in Azerbaijan in 7 days? Start from the capital Baku, the gateway between East and West and one of the oldest cities in the east.

Over the past 20 years it has undergone a profound transformation. Walking through its streets one realizes that the ultramodern part dotted with tall skyscrapers and the one in which the influence of the USSR is still evident is flanked by the Old City, fortified with medieval crenellated city walls.

Baku is called the Montecarlo of the Caspian Sea thanks to its enormous wealth due to the oil and the raw materials it possesses in abundance.

The Flame Towers, the flame-shaped skyscrapers, the futuristic Heydar Aliyev Center and the Crystal Hall are the most modern buildings in Baku that shape the skyline.

In the historical center are the Palace of the Shirvanshah and the Tomb of the Virgin, a monumental complex that also includes the Divanhane, the vaulted tomb, a mosque with minaret, the mausoleum of Seyid Yahya Bakuvi, the door of Murad, a cistern and that that remains of the baths. All these buildings are Unesco heritage since 2000.

In Baku you can also visit the Carpet Museum with an attached laboratory to discover this ancient tradition.

A short distance from the capital and reachable by ferry is the island of Zira, an eco-sustainable area with buildings with zero carbon dioxide emissions.

A trip to this nation means going back in time, at the origin of humanity. There is plenty of choice about what to see in Azerbaijan.

In fact, still in the vicinity of the capital at about 60 km, there is the Qobustan reserve, a UNESCO heritage as inside it preserves admirable examples of rock art. 600,000 graffiti of primitive men, dances, means of transport of the time and animals dating between 5000 and 20,000 years ago have been found.

In addition there are the famous mud volcanoes, a spectacle of nature, with high beneficial properties.

In Naftalan, 320 km from Baku, instead it is possible to take oil baths that cure different disorders.

Inside the reserve there is also the temple of Ateshgah which means ‘house of fire’ because there is an always burning flame thanks to the oil that comes out of the subsoil.

Even Marco Polo in “Il Milione” spoke and described the “black oil fountains”.

This temple was a place of worship for the followers of Zoroaster, the Hindus and the Sikhs. Currently the country is 95% Muslim, the other 5 is composed of Catholics and minorities.

Also in this area there is also the Yanar Dag hill which means mountain that burns incessantly.

Continue to discover this wonderful country by visiting the Qala Ethnographic Archaeological Museum, an open-air site in which findings from the peninsula of Absheron were found.

Another city not to be missed is Ganja, the second largest in the country, suspended between past and present.

Continue to Shemkir and Sheki, a small, very folkloristic town. Here, colored glass has been made for many centuries.

The main palace built in this style is that of the Khansarai, with stained glass windows composed of thousands of multi-chromatic glasses.

The next goal, Lahic, instead is famous for copper processing.

Moreover with its stone houses and men on horseback it is a very characteristic village. Still, what to see in Azerbaijan? The state is rich in nature and beautiful landscapes.

Go to Khinalug to admire caves and waterfalls and then be enchanted by the Goygol lake that was formed following an earthquake that occurred 1000 years ago.

The last destination of the tour is Qabala, the ancient Caucasian capital. Here you can climb the Yeddi Gozel waterfall which means seven beauties.

Visiting Azerbaijan also means tasting local dishes. At the base of the food there is rice and the most famous dish is Sabzi Qovurma.

Among the latter there is the Qutab, a dough stuffed with pumpkin, lamb, spinach and cheese and Piti, a meat and vegetable soup.

Now that you know what to see in Azerbaijan, have you packed your luggages?

As an alternative I advice a trip to Bali.

cosa vedere in Azerbaijan

cosa vedere in Azerbaijan baku


what to see in Azerbaijan

what to see in Azerbaijan

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