The temple on the sea in Bali, Tanah Lot

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Little photographed by social media addicted but just as spectacular as other locations is Tanah Lot’s temple on the sea in Bali. Today I talk about this place that you should definitely visit if you go to Bali.
tanah lot tempio sul mare a bali

On instagram you can see it very few times but the temple on the sea in Bali of Tanah Lot has nothing to envy to the most famous temple on the lake of Ulun Danu immortalized in countless shots by social media enthusiasts.

Indeed, I will tell you that having seen both, the temple on the sea in Bali is much more suggestive, surrounded by very high waves crashing on the rocks.

We arrived there by chance. The day before we were at the Uluwatu temple, when our guide was approached by two rather baffled tourists who asked him if Uluwatu was the famous temple on the sea in Bali.

They had cell phones and the photos they had retrieved from instagram didn’t match what they were seeing.

Our guide immediately explained that they had the wrong temple and that what they were referring to was in Tanah Lot.

And so, the next day, we headed to this beautiful temple on the sea in Bali that really deserved to be visited.

The temple is easily reachable through an asphalted walkway that leads directly to the rocky beach where the temple stands but cannot be visited. Yes it comes at the foot of the temple, fording the sea, and being blessed with holy water.

But then you have to go back. I think that’s right, the temple is very small and would be ruined by the hordes of tourists that spill onto the beach every day to admire it.

The waves are very high and the impact on the rocks gives a romantic aspect to this fierce temple that has resisted the force of nature for centuries now.

But the strength generated by millions of human feet and incivility can be stronger than that of nature.

Soon I will also show you the Ulun Danu lake temple, meanwhile if you missed the previous episodes of our trip to Bali you can see the posts here, here and here.

tempio sul mare a bali tanah lot

temple on the sea in bali

tempio sul mare a bali tanah lot

temple on the sea in bali

Tips of the day

  • In Bali it is very hot and the sun is really deadly. In addition to protecting the skin, it is better to wear excellent anti-wrinkle creams like these.
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  • Tonight I recommend cooking the gluten-free soft focaccia
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  1. Hi Francesca
    I noticed that you are very tall woman!! That dress is stunning!!
    I love the pics I saw it before on Instagram!!
    You look like a bali godess!!

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