How to make the perfect suitcase

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Today we tell you how to make the perfect suitcase for exotic destinations. In our blog we talk a lot about travel … so now it’s also time to tell you how to move without problems with comfortable suitcases.

How to make the perfect suitcase for exotic destination?
In our blog we bring you more and more for a walk around the world: Francesca was in Bali a few days ago, I told you about the truest Mumbai through a series of posts …

In short, we like to travel around the world and discovering more and more.
But the important thing is to have friendly practices: here is a roundup of the most comfortable suitcases and above all the tricks to organize them in the best way.
Try to check the weight of your baggage by bringing a few accessories that will be able to transform sportswear into an evening outfit. All you need is a scarf and a necklace on a cotton shirt to go from a hike to a cocktail bar.
As for personal hygiene, everything you need can be purchased once you arrive at your destination without necessarily being transported by plane: shampoo, shaving foam and razor blades for example.
We advise instead to bring with you the medicines that can never be missing in a trip to an exotic destination: an anti-pyretic, an anti-stem and an anti-diarrhea are the essentials. The preventive administration of lactic ferments is a good remedy to maintain the balance of intestinal flora.
How to make the perfect suitcase with Ynot? Easy thanks to the accessory you can’t give up to travel in style and in full comfort. Trolley with a rigid structure, made of ultra resistant scratch-resistant material. Equipped with 4 wheels with 360 ° rotation and triple combination TSA closure. The internal structure has dividers and storage pockets.

AMERICAN TOURISTER with new collection of Modern Dream luggage with urban inspiration, offers an elegant and modern look to all the fashion travelers.
Made of polycarbonate, it presents a perfect mix of surfaces, smooth and animated by grooves, which creates an elegant geometry. Equipped with a TSA lock – for travel to and from the USA – and expandability in the hold models, it is the luggage collection chosen by all travelers who want to stand out for a keen sense of style and travel in full comfort. The Wavebreaker Summer Sparkle cases with limited edition Hello Summer and Brushed blue, Wavebreaker enriches its modern design with the innovative Sparktive Reflective Technology, created by NRA Technology. This new patented technology allows luggage to shine by day and reflect at night.

Samsonite with Neopulse has redefined the standard in the lightness of polycarbonate luggage. Produced in Europe, it successfully combines lightness and strength thanks to its self-reinforcing design with ultra-protective corners. The collection is now available in a limited “Lifestyle” edition in the sophisticated variants Niagara Blue and Honey Gold, characterized by details and unusual contrast graphic elements. The collection is equipped with TSA elastic closure for dresses and double divider; the lined interiors feature an elegant print with a tone-on-tone tropical pattern.




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