Going to the beach with pets, 5 useful tips

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Here are 5 useful tips for going to the beach with pets. My beloved Uffa today explains to you how to best organize your summer holidays together with your furry friends.

al mare con il cane

Today Uffa, my little dog wants to be generous and want to give you 5 useful tips for going to the beach with pets!

What to bring? Where to go? My Uffa wants to give some advice to those who are organizing their summer holidays and want to take their beloved four-legged friend with them.

“Hi everyone, I’m Uffa, a sweet little dog about two and a half years old.

As soon as I was born I was abandoned, in the open countryside, together with my mother and my little brothers.

Luckily we were all saved and taken to a nice animal shelter. But I was so scared, because I am a great scoundrel, but then Mamy and Papy arrived and took me home with them.

I’m really a lucky dog! They never leave me and even take me on vacation with them.

Going to the beach with pets is a lot of fun, you just need to get organized in the right way

Here are my 5 tips that I hope will be useful.

  • Mamy and Papy always inquire first where it is possible to go with me. Fortunately, there are more and more pet-friendly places. You are spoiled for choice. I always love being with them because, I don’t know how they do it, but they always manage to understand my needs, they never make me miss anything.
  • At the sea, for example, they always carry my folding bowl and above all they never make me miss fresh water. I recommend, if you decide to go to the beach with the dog, the most important thing is just the water! We suffer so much from the heat and have to drink often.
  • Another fundamental thing is to find a place in the shade for us. I usually put myself under the cot and if it’s too hot my Mamy also takes the umbrella. The sand is so hot even for us so don’t let us walk on the beach (or even on the street) when it’s hot … I recommend !!!
  • Take us out early in the morning, late in the afternoon and in the evening.
  • I don’t like to swim in the sea, let’s say I really don’t like swimming in general. If your doggies, instead, like to dive in the waves, don’t forget to wash them well with fresh water to get rid of the salt. which irritates our skin. I do not take the risk and I rest quiet and good under the umbrella, in the cool!

In fact, when it’s too hot I prefer to stay in the room. Mamy and Papy also leave the air conditioning on. How I like it!!!

Organize your dog travel bag well

Want to know what puts my Mamy in my travel bag, even if we go out for just one day?

The bowls, my porridge, some biscuits, a towel, the sachets for my needs, wet handkerchiefs if I get dirty, the health record, and some medicine … you never know!

Ah! I forgot, even one of my puppets!

Last weekend we had a few days off on Ischia. Mamy and Papy have been going there for 9 years now.

In our hotel there were also other dogs. They wanted so much to play with me but … I am a great scoundrel and I preferred to spend time on the balcony to see the seagulls fluttering in front of me.

Before leaving for the holidays, don’t forget to put your dog’s microchip and NEVER leave it in the car under the sun !!!

Happy holidays to all from Uffa.

al mare con il cane

beach with pets

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