Cinecittà World for children

Today I bring you to the fabulous world of Cinecittà World and I describe what are the funniest attractions for us children. Are you ready to take a dip dive into the world of cinema with me?

cinecittà world for kidsHello Sweeties, today your favorite mini fashion blogger tells you how to spend a day at Cinecittà World and what are the best attractions for us children.

Did you know that just a few steps from Rome, next to the Castel Romano Outlet is an amusement park inspired by the world of cinema?

By mere coincidence, I found myself going to Cinecittà World a few days before Halloween, in the company of my parents, some friends and my unfailing fashion blogger friend Francesca Romana Capizzi, and I got to find some areas of this huge structure literally decorated for the occasion with huge pumpkins, spiderwebs and monsters of all kinds and sorts.

For information, I can tell you that at Cinecittà World they are organizing very fun events to have a wonderful 2019 New Year with lots of games for us children. So, let’s get ready, there are great celebrations !!

Returning to us, the day was pleasant, warm and sunny, and allowed us to do many things … we alternated outdoor attractions, like the show of the cowboys, with attached shooting, roller coaster of all kinds and sorts !

Also beautiful rooms with prehistoric settings, full of huge dinosaurs and frightening … … some moved as well and they were so scary that I had to ask my dad if I could continue the narrow path in his arms.

Cinecittà World for us children really offers a lot of entertainment … there are many attractions and rides that we children can devote to us, obviously suitable for each age, from children to the older ones.

So rest assured that all children can find the game that best suits their age!

Also for lunch, there are plenty of restaurants equipped, from the very common theme fastfoods, where to sit and eat calmly, to the simple kiosks, where to have a quick and fleeting meal.

We had lunch in what, as a setting, remembered the typical saloon of the far west! Hilarious !!!!

We continued our day among water rides, in the dark, among souvenir shops and various outfits. I really enjoyed it!

I can assert with absolute certainty that Cinecittà World for us children is a magical place that, a few steps from Rome, allows us to spend a day of leisure and carefree!

I really recommend it!

Now I greet you and refer you to the next experience!

A little kiss,

Ludo the Imp

cinecittà world


cinecittà world for children

Ludo the Imp

Ludo the Imp

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