Today I show you the 5 best beaches in Skiathos: Agistros, Elias, Kalamaki, Lalaria and Tsougria and I tell you how to reach them by car or by boat!
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On this beautiful island of the Sporades archipelago there are 60 beaches to see, which is why I decided to share with you the 5 best beaches in Skiathos and how to reach them.

The best beaches in Skiathos are almost all located in the North, North East

The most beautiful beaches in Skiathos are also the least accessible ones, such as Agistros and Elias Bay.

To get to the beach you must first face a dirt road full of numerous landslides (which are a tad frightening) and then, once you get to the parking lot, get ready for a steep descent to the sea with very high and uneven steps.

The same dirt road leads to all the northern beaches such as Mandraki (the most famous), Kifri, Aselinos and Kekhria also to be counted among the best beaches in Skiathos.

Beware of the southern beaches of Skiathos

The most famous is the beach of Koukounaries, also called the pearl of the Aegean due to its Caribbean-colored waters, as long as you can see the sea. Yes, because it is so crowded that there is no room even in the water! To be avoided unless you have 18 years and want to make new friends, as the distance between the umbrellas is reduced to a minimum. But here you can also see the swans swimming in the salt water!

The other beaches are called Maratha, Vromolimnos and Pereskevi to name a few: they are all easily accessible by car but are a destination for mass tourism.

The most beautiful Skiathos beaches accessible by sea

What struck me most is undoubtedly the beach of Kalamaki, so to speak is the one in which I do paddling. The color of the water is emerald green and is very clear. Impossible not to jump immediately to seek refreshment!

Then there is the most famous one, the beach of Lalaria visited every day by thousands of boats full of tourists.

We, due to the rough sea, have seen it deserted and the show was well worth the crossing by sailboat between 2 meters high waves!

Then there are the beaches of Tsougria, the islet that is right in front of Skiathos town.

I would advise against the most popular one: so many people and a tavern offering inedible food.

But if you want to be a little daring let yourself be carried on the goats beach.

Yes you got it right, goats. So many goats on a spit of sand that bleat incessantly. What they do there is not known but I guarantee that it is a show not to be missed!

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best beaches in skiathos lalaria

best beaches in skiathos


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