Frankie Morello sequin jacket

I wanted it for a long time: a sequin jacket. I wanted  it to be with long sleeves but then I saw this Frankie Morello one at an unbeatable price and I took it! Do you like it? Lo desideravo da tanto tempo: un giacchino con le paiilettes, solo che lo volevo con le maniche […]

Sister and sister

No, I don’t  have a sister, I’m an only child, as well as my son is.I am talking about  Sister&Sister, emerging brand of t-shirts and accessories for women that reproduce drawings performed with the watercolor technique.In fact, one of the creators of this line of tees is an illustrator of fairy tales for children.I chose the […]

Blue and white in Taormina

Let’s start with the story of the 3 days I spent in Taormina along with Alessia.On Saturday, I will describe the place that hosted us but today we start with these photos taken on the first day in the Roman amphitheater, which is located in the beautiful Sicilian city.As you can see the amphitheater is […]

Royal blue and gray

  On Romwe I found the perfect coat to match with my Tribtoo! And this time I decided to combine royal blue to gray. As background I still have our vintage car inside which you can spot the little head of my son.  In fact, our little prince was very happy to get a ride on board […]