I bikers dorati di Andrea Morelli

I bikers dorati di Andrea Morelli sono ormai diventati un cult, la mia amica Fede li ha scovati ed io glieli ho copiati. Ancora una volta il Made in Italy trionfa! Buon venerdì, dai che domani noi andiamo a Zoomarine! Non vedevo l’ora……il nanetto ce lo ha imposto e noi lo dobbiamo accontentare! E data […]

Il cappotto a fiori di Adele 1961

Good morning to all you people!  How are you doing? I am in the middle of yet another meeting!  Like all self-respecting fashion blog, here’s a new outfit!  The stars of today are the floral print coat of Adele 1961, the Piazza di Spagna tee and the V° 73 K-Flapper bag! A very cautios spring […]

Time to go with 2W2M: Manuuuuuuuu!

As you know 2W2M has launched the “Time to go with 2W2M “# GLAMTROTTING # SS14 project and in this case I was inspired by a Lost in Translation Experience mood mostly because of the clueless face that my hubby made when I told him the project name …. he doesn’t know a word of English! Vi ricordate ” […]

Lace pants

Today some shots inside my humble abode to show you the beautiful lace pants by Xs Milano and Vitti Ferria Contin jewelry which I adore , they are true masterpieces …… unlike the horrible paintings that my husband insist to buy.  The one that can see behind me while I’m sitting on the couch I would have been able […]

Vitti Ferria Contin Jewelry

Today I will share two things about me: One you already know , I love statement jewels! The second  is only known by my husband and my closest friends: in contrast to most of the women…….I love snakes. They have always fascinated me! As I thumbed through the Vitti Ferria Contin catalog , I found something that I absolutely […]