negozi vintage roma: vintachic

negozi vintage roma

Negozi vintage Roma: a spasso nel tempo fino al cuore più vintage di Roma dove il tempo ferma tutti i suoi orologi e manda in scena la moda… straordinariamente Vintachic. Ecco il racconto di un viaggio tra i negozi vintage Roma. Silenziamo il telefono, disconnettiamoci dal mondo di oggi, dalla nostra realtà. Per poco, solo per pochi […]

Vintage is always a good idea

La mantella è vintage, la giacca è vintage, io sono vintage….beh non potevo trovare un look più adatto a me, no? Chiamatemi la (s) fashion blogger vintage. Perchè vintage is always a good idea! Buongiorno a tutti! Oggi la vostra (s) fashion blogger ha decisamente virato sul vintage. La mantella e la giacca che indosso […]

Isabel Garcia fall/winter 2014-15 dress

Isabel Garcia ti colpisce al cuore…..questo brand giovanissimo ha incantato tutti durante la London Fashion Week. E ha stregato anche me sia per i tessuti di altissima qualità che per le stampe originalissime! Isabel Garcia è un marchio giovane ma ormai affermatissimo nel panorama della moda internazionale, Il direttore creativo, Elliot James Frieze ha incantato […]

Hanging around in Forte Dei Marmi

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  A day with my friends Fede and Marianna in Forte dei Marmi after the fashion show. A messy outfit that was put together to go to the beach….but the adverse weather conditions prevented us from dropping by the sea. That’s why I am wearing a ready for the […]

mint green and grey outfit

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I had this Zara mint green sweater rotting in my closet for some time…I was very unconvinced on how to wear it. I like this color but it’s really abused on the bloglosphere. So my first attempt with it turned out to be a very simple mint and grey […]

A Vintage Gipsy Skirt

Ops…I did again…I played with your closet….got lost in this game… Ok I am not Britney of course, but taking after this song I have once again stolen a vintage piece from my Mom’s closet: this gipsy skirt is so prefectly falling into the Boho style that it had to be mine!! Don’t you love […]

Ciu Sisters Brown Leather Jacket

I love mixing different shades of brown. They remind me of the color of the nature and  that we are fully diving into autumn! This jacket (from Ciu Sisters remember?) and these boots are really helping me out since they displaying different brown shades that you can find in other details of this outfit!! Do […]

H&M Ochre Dress/ Blouse Fall/Winter 2011-12 & Howdress!

When I bought this item at H&M I thought it would be a nice dress for the upcoming season. Well, once at home I discovered with some disappointment that what could be a dress for somebody it’s instead a blouse for me!! I might be a small when it comes to shoulders and waist size, […]

Boho-Rock Style?

I have bought this H&M hat some time ago and I couldn’t wait to wear it. I went out without the hat of course, but I liked the idea of a Boho dash to moderate the Rock twist of this outfit. You know what size is this hat? Large… I am a bighead…..full of air […]

My Last Attempt WIth Jeffrey Campbell’s Ugly Shoes

I think that I am starting to get sick of these shoes, frankly speaking they are truly ugly. I am not blinded by my love for them any more so I see them as they are: UGLY! I am wondering what am I laughing at in these pictures! Credo che sto cominciando a disamorarmi di […]