Tassel pumps

Today Don’t Call me Fashion Blogger! This is the 3rd pair of Nelly shoes: the tassel pumps. I can walk with them but they are definitely made of plastic of the worst kind….they stink!!! They rank 5/10! Other Nelly shoes reviews click here and here! Questo è il terzo paio di scarpe che ho preso […]

Welcome to Bikiniworld!

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I know…I know….I am planning ahead…. a lot! But I had to do something that  could make me smell…summer! That’s why I have a new bikini in my closet. It’s made by Bikiniworld and it has all the things I like at the moment: neon, studs and snake print! […]

Zara studded collar shirt

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Yes I am back to my renouned balcony, I hope you will be glad about it! I just didn’t have to much time to find a decent location before going out and since it appears that no plants are going to die shortly, I have decided that this place […]

Red and leopard print

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Are red and leopard prints compatible? In my modest opinion the answer is positive but since I am unfair, I’ll let you judge by yourself! Secondo voi il rosso si sposa bene con le stampe leopardate? Secondo me sì, ma poichè non posso essere imparziale lascio che siate voi […]

How to wear pastels: pink and white

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! To tell you the truth, I started with the shoes then I built up the whole outfit. This is how it came out: The Mary Janes are from Sheinside! Thanks Alice of Appunti di Moda for these pictures. Questo look è stato costruito direttamente in base alla scarpe […]

Neon and beige

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Another interpretation of the Proenza Shouler’s neon coral satchel: today I have combined it with beige. And I am also introducing my new pants from Zara! They are supposed to share the same color with the Proenza but eventually the light exposure faked the shade of pink! Same thing […]

beige studded pumps

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Look what I have bought during my time spent in Bologna! These gorgeous beige studded pumps are mine! I already have a similar pair of shoes my nude Lorissa spike pumps, anyway these have studs all over them while the Lorissas have spikes only on the back. Ok I […]


Rainy days never say goodbye….. An 80’s song, “Masterpiece by Gazebo”, a polka dot umbrella, a lot of rain and here is the resulting outfit! I hope that spring will find its way to Rome one day….. Masterpiece, una delle canzoni note degli anni 80 cantata dal famosissimo (!) Gazebo, recitava che i giorni di […]

zara studded pumps spring-summer 2012

It’s time to dedicate a post to these shoes. 49,95 €! This is the price I have paid for these gorgeous Zara studded pumps! And since I saved some money, I have invested on the studded jacket and the pink pants. You know Zara’s economy is depending upon me so I couldn’t disappoint them! Era […]

double breasted blue cape

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I always wanted to have a blue double breasted blue cape but I struggled a lot before finding it at Sheinside. What is Sheinside? An amazing on line store where you can shop on line for fashion apparel, shoes and…wedding dresses!! A dream came true! Miracles can happen you […]