Liliac backpack

As in high school, I dusted off the backpack, but this time I don’t have the nightmare of going at school! In the 80s, all girls wore backpacks, which was either branded Invicta or a copy of the Louis Vuitton.’s oneThen, at the end of the 80s backpacks were replaced by buckets and they either ended up […]

Sarenza collezione autunno inverno 2014

Buffalo Billette Since the ones I just got are not enough for me, I also spotted these shoes on Sarenza and they belong to the autumn winter 2014 collection.Be aware that two have already ended up in my closet …. The Billettes you have already seen, can you guess the other pair? Visto che quelle che […]

List floral print and mud outfit

We are now in autumn, so it is right to continue to show you some piece of the LIST autumn / winter 2014 collection that you will find in their stores.The flowery jeans you have already seen , today I have styled them with a mud color top, for a more autumnal look.On the other […]

Deep blue

Midnight blue has always been one of my favorite colors and I find it perfect when paired with pastel pink.The H & M skirt, which I ripped off the hands of a competitor during the sales, gave me the opportunity to combine these two colors.I am once again on my terrace to immortalize it one […]

Floral prints in Taormina

  In the beautiful frame of Caparena Hotel, here there are some floral prints in Taormina for a lovely night with my family! Nella splendida cornice dell’Hotel Caparena (precisamente sotto il Sushi bar), un abito fluttuante a stampa floreale per una romantica cenetta in famiglia! Occhio al capello ribelle! Buona giornata a tutti!! AX […]

Hype me once…..

Hype is the brand of these beautiful sunglasses that mount Zeiss lenses.No idea of who Zeiss is? Well, I’ll explain it to you.   Zeiss is the top of the clas in terms of lenses, the are also mounted on microscopes!  It is therefore not difficult to understand that their quality is excellent and, now that […]

The rolling stones

The title “The Rolling Stones”could not be more appropriate: when I received this tee from Romwe, the stones were all turned upside down. It only took me 3 hours to put them back in the original position, and I guarantee you that for me, being lazy, it was a challenge! Il titolo non potrebbe essere […]

Freesoul….free soul!

Finally my Freesoul jeggings arrived! Do you like them? Dopo tanto peregrinare sono finalmente entrata in possesso dei miei jeggins firmati Freesoul!  E di che colore potevo prenderli se non azzurri? Notare la finezza con cui tutti i colori sono perfettamente abbinati, infatti i pantaloni ed il top richiamano quelli delle scarpe, beh non era […]

Turquoise and white

The look of today is really very summery and poorly structured, is based on two colors: turquoise and white.I feel hot, I need a vacation and I really don’t want to think about what to wear.I have even less to say, a sign that perhaps this blog is finishing his task.It has been really helpful […]

My outfit for Altaroma 2013

Here is the outfit I wore for Altaroma.Since I felt a bit observed, in the first picture I tried to represent the most common expression that I caught that day: “Oh my God! What kind of shoes are these?”They’re branded Iron Fist but to my observers they surely looked like a punch in the eye […]