Romantic and rock

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! So, here is the outfit that combines my new AX Paris chiffon dress and the Proenza Shouler neon coral bag. It has sort of a romantic flavor but….it couldn’t be me without spicing up this outfit a little bit with the addition of the Lorissa spiked pumps! What […]

Neon and black

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Ok a total lack of fantasy, but I think that you will have to be happy with this neon and black combination!  That’s all I can do right now! BTW, I want some stability in the weather…NOW!!!!   Come sempre alterno fasi creative a fasi di monotonia, oggi mi […]

Neon and beige

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Another interpretation of the Proenza Shouler’s neon coral satchel: today I have combined it with beige. And I am also introducing my new pants from Zara! They are supposed to share the same color with the Proenza but eventually the light exposure faked the shade of pink! Same thing […]

AX Paris chiffon dress

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I am a genius! I have found the perfect chiffon dress for my Proenza Shouler neon coral bag! I have ordered it through AX Paris and I cant’t wait to style these two pieces together!! Sono un genio, un vero genio! Alla ricerca di qualcosa da abbinare alla Proenza […]

Neon and neutrals

Is it possible to combine a neon accessory with neutral clothing? In my opinion yes when it comes to the Proenza Shouler neon coral satchel! I am so in love with this combination! BTW this trench coat is 8 years old :-)) don’t you think that it looks brand new?? Secondo voi i colori fluo […]

proenza shouler coral pink satchel

Hahahaha!! I bought it! I am talking about the Proenza Shouler satchel!  You have seen it in red here but I had to buy the coral version since the red one was too big and expensive!!! Do you like it? E anche questa me la sono comprata!! Sto parlando della Proenza Shouler che vi avevo […]

proenza shouler red leather satchel

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!   HAPPY EASTER!!!!!! I want this bag….now!! This Proenza Shouler red satchel is populating my night dreams since I saw it. Should I buy it? BUONA PASQUA A TUTTI!!! Voglio questa borsa e la voglio ora!!!! Questa cartella in pelle rossa di proenza shouler me la sogno anche di […]