Fuchsia perspex earrings

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  I have told you already that fuchsia will be one of the colors I will use the most during winter time, so why not adding another fuchsia item in my closet? My attention was immediately drawn to these Lalua perspex earrings because of their unique design and material. One note about […]

Camel on Camel

Ok I have to tell you the truth, the reason why I was desperately seeking for a camel coat is that I wanted to have something that could go with the Dior booties. Te-heee!! Vabbè, lo ammetto…il cappottino lo stavo cercando per abbinarlo agli stivaletti di Dior…..ma si può???? Non mi entra più niente nell’armadio!!! […]

I Still Can’t Walk With These Heels!!!

Do you remember this outfit? Vi ricordate questo look? Well this is the blue version of it….. Beh questa è la versione in blu Houston we have a problem…………I bought the blouse and the shoes in 2 colors…..what a total lack of fantasy aaaaaaaaaaaaand what a masochist! Houston abbiamo un problema: ho comprato blusa e […]

Romantic or Hippie?

How do you see this Stradivarius blouse? I bought it together with the crochet scarf (this is not stinking, though) and I like to consider it more hippie than romantic. In any case I just think that this blouse is adorable! You might also notice that I am wearing blue Asos perspex heels shoes…..does it […]

Zara Electric Blue Sweater

As I have already told you, it’s quite hard for me to indulge in colorful outfits, so when I bought this electric blue sweater from Zara I thought I could use some black with it. But then as you can see in the following pictures, I changed my mind and actually went for the blue-beige […]

Pinko Military Blazer

I bought this Pinko blazer four years ago but I’ve never been really happy with how it looks like on me. This time I decided to enhance it with the golden belt from H & M and I like it better.  In these photos you can also see the Prada Butterfly sunglasses that I got […]

7 For all Mankind Jeans and Awards

It was time to dedicate a post to the over-cited  7 For All Mankind jeans.  You’ve seen them in almost all my posts and in various colors.  It ‘s hard to find jeans that fit to my shape. So when I find them I just stock up!  Soooooo….one day I was minding my own business […]

Navy Blazer

From this picture you could argue that I am either a sailor or a pilot. Unluckily, I do not have a ship or a plane. Seriously: I got this blue blazer from Morgan de Toi.  I believe that it caught my attention because it reminds me so much the uniform my father use to wore. […]