The multicolor maxiskirt

One of the nicest maxiskirtsI have : it’s branded Beatrice B and, as you can see, its hem reaches to the ankles.I like the fact that it is pleated and so full of color, an explosion of happiness!I will use it very often because it can be styled in many different combinations.Now, however, I would take […]

Royal blue maxiskirt

I was longing for a royal blue pleated maxiskirt. I’ve never found it anywhere …. Then you find that your blog makes you some nice presents as my friendship, although for now virtual, with Marcella of Sfizi e Sfarzi Moda. Marcella has a shop in Puglia and I am in Rome. Marcella is nice and […]

The never ending wedding comes to an end

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Hooray! The never ending wedding came to an end!!!! And they lived happily ever after….or I’ll kill them! This is the day of the party and of the second ceremony!  I am very glad to announce you that I am still alive!!! Vi siete già sposati!!!! Urrà! Finalmente […]

My outfit for Rome Expo 2012

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Here is the outfit I wore to attend the Rome Fashion Expo 2012.  I almost collapsed inside the club due to the abnormal heat that has suddendly surrounded our country but at the end I survived and voted for the winners!  Thanks  Alice  for these pictures!    Ecco il […]

February’s Best Outfits

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! This time I’ll show you just a few outfits of mine that I have faved because there is a story behind them: Questa volta vi mostro solo 3 look che ho selezionato per il semplice motivo che ho un ricordo ed una storia legati ad essi: My First Rain […]

Altaroma A.I. Fair 2012

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I know that I am a disaster in terms of attending events! I just don’t have time! I have another job and my son is my first top priority. I had to decline 2 fab invitations for Altaroma Fashion Show before finding the right compromise: sometimes you can merge […]

My Asos Latest Purchases

Tomorrow the name of the winner of the Naughty Monkey giveaway will be announced! Domani annuncerò il nome del vincitore del Giveaway di Naughty Monkey! It all started with a black pleated maxi skirt. I couldn’t find it anywhere until I saw this petite version on Asos . I am definitely not a petite size but I […]