A floral silk dress

vestito in seta a fiori

A floral silk dress and the Cretan sea! I’m kidding, this photo was taken in Fregene, as you can well see from the brown color of the sea! Today I tell you where to find this dress at very discounted price !!! A brown sea had never been seen before. But not even a floral silk […]

fashion influencer rome

Did you know that our “race” is geolocated? For example, if you look for fashion influencer Rome on Google, among the results you will find a site that promises to find the influencer closest to you! Let’s say you are a fashion brand and looking for fashion influencer rome on Google what will you find? […]

maxi skirt with sneakers

Do we consider a maxi skirt with sneakers in or out? Stylistic error or not? Today I’ll explain why I think it’s a combination that works. Do you think that the combination of a maxi skirt with sneakers a good one or not? Or rather: you like this look in which I matched the T-shirt of […]

boho chic necklace

Boho chic necklace even at the beach? Absolutely yes! Me and my dear little cousin we wear it often and the last time we found ourselves at the sea, both, with the same necklace around the neck! Who copied who? Boho chic necklace also at the seaside to enrich and give a touch of glamor […]

tall espadrilles, how to style them

They are the shoes of my childhood, low, open behind, with laces or without! Today they are back in a new version: here are the tall espadrilles! But how do they wear them? ….. but above all to whom I copied the idea of ​​tall espadrilles? Once upon a time there was a 4-day mini-holiday […]

boho chic blouse

All crazy for the boho style! This summer too will be dominated by maxi dresses and floating blouses like this boho chic shirt! Today I tell you where you can find it! A boho chic blouse, a field with lots of bales of hay and summer has arrived! Together with the most beautiful season, the […]

jewel heel sandals

fashion blogger roma

Did you know that jewel heel sandals have been in vogue for a few years now? More specifically, they have been widely introduced among the 2015 shoes. the ones I wear belong to Gardini Spirit and today I’ll explain how to combine them to the best. Today we do an accelerated course in the history […]

straw hat, how to style it

cappello di paglia

The straw hat is the must-have accessory of summer 2018! The one I wear here is a gift from my Knight who, while he was taking these pictures, was amazed! Not for me but … I’ll tell you here. The straw hat is an accessory that every summer, comes back into fashion. In recent years, […]

Long denim dress, how to style it

vestito jeans lungo

It’s denim mania! And I, who have never been immune to the charm of this fabric, have found a long denim dress that many people want to steal from me. Too bad that I stole it myself … to whom? Find out in today’s post! “Martina, could you please lend me the long denim dress […]

made in italy handbags, les jeunes etoiles

made in italy handbags

Italy is a country of contradictions. I have only one certainty, Italian craftsmanship is unsurpassed. Today I tell you where to find the most sought-after made in Italy handbags of the moment: Les jeunes étoiles. The most popular made in Italy handbags ? These that  us of The Fashion Mob wore for the photos taken by Ariana […]