Laminated leather biker jackets

I love leather biker jackets and those born from the collaboration between Dimora and Gianna Nannini are absolutely my favorites. I chose this biker jacket in laminated leather dedicated to our most famous rock star! Do you like it? My passion for leather biker jackets is well known and as soon as I saw those […]

Fashion week, all you have to know about it

Today we talk about fashion week: London, New York, Milan, Paris and Dubai! All you need to know to attend fashion shows in the various cities without losing too much time. And also some background that might be useful as well. Today we talk about fashion week: not so much of the catwalks and what […]

Texan boots with stars

The 2019 winter fashion trend that I prefer? The western style! Why not start from a pair of Texan boots with stars? Can you guess who designed mine? A pair of Texan boots with stars and the 2019 winter fashion trend is served. The western style will accompany us in the coldest and darkest season […]

High waisted maxi skirt by Disbanded

Milan Fashion Week September 2018. Here is my third look by Disbanded. A high waisted maxi skirt that I have fallen madly in love with and that has made a fury on the streets of Milan. Today I will tell you some anecdote. A high waisted maxi skirt with original prints and intense colors was […]

Milan Fashion Week street style 2018

milan fashion week street style 2018

For the September 2018 Milan Fashion Week street style series here is my second look (you saw the first one on Instagram). A big round skirt with heart prints that has caught everyone’s attention! These days the search most clicked on Google is September 2018 Milan Fashion Week street style. As you know if you […]

big light earrings

The big light earrings were my salvation during the Milan Fashion Week, the ones I wear are real feathers and now I tell you where to find them and why you absolutely must have them! I have a confession to make …. the lobes of my ears are no longer those of a few years […]

Fashion victims or not?

How much people like to put labels: the newspapers do nothing but talk about “fashion victims” as in men or women who are “victims” of fashion. Today I tell you why we must not accept to be considered passive subjects. When I chose to make the T-shirts and sweatshirts of the (S) Fashion Collection  I […]

how to make an elegant ponytail

How to make an elegant ponytail and a perfect make-up for a wedding, not mistaking, this time, the day? Here is the story of the second round of the impossible marriage . Today we see together how to make an elegant ponytail, make an effective make-up and, above all, pick the right wedding day. In […]

70s outfit

It takes very little to create a 70s outfit: a maxi-dress by Manuela Pardu with a fancy print, a vintage belt and ultra-flat sandals. And for once I am with my hair tied back, I could not tame it! A 70s outfit for an evening on Crete in the streets of Rethymno. A Manuela Pardu […]

from fashion blogger to talent hunter

At the beginning of Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger I was very focused on the role of “talent hunter” going to discover new brands and new artisans. Today I return actively to this role and introduce you to Manuela Pardu and her “versatile” clothing line. From fashion blogger to talent hunter. Since 2011 a lot […]