La chiesa

There is a small church on the way to my mother’s house, it is hidden in the woods but ait is still visible by car.  Intrigued, we stopped and saw that, contrary to what I thought, the church is still active.  Now I have to find out its name, in any case, I have brought […]

LIST Fashion Travel: il piumino da 100 grammi

Yo brothers and sisters, here I am to wear the a LIST Fashion Travel down jacket: 100 grams of Italian quality for only 49 euro. But this jacket in reality was a challenge for me,  since I do not wear down jackets.  Finally, after a thorough meditation, I had the lighting: I  paired it with a LIST floral […]

La quiete dopo la tempesta

“La quiete dopo la tempasta” is one of the most famous poems of Giacomo Leopardi, one of the few in which there is a thread of positivity even though, at the end, he might have thought of being too optimistic and remembered to talk about pain.The title of this post is obviously ironic, the photos were […]

Gummy Clutch

   This small Hervè Guyel gummy clutch has now become one of my inseparable companion, as well as Nau! purple glasses. This outfit, however, has a distinctive feature: I used a Romwe skirt as a top and you know what? I like it better like that! Questa piccola pochette di Hervè Guyel è ormai diventata una mia inseparabile compagna, così come gli […]

Peace and love

Peace and love brothers and sisters….peace and love…. Have a great day, sorry for the quick pist but I am in a super hurry!!! Pace e amore fratelli, pace e amore….. Buona giornata a tutti e scusate il post brevissimo ma oggi sono davvero di corsissima!!! Risskio tee My Italian Leather turquoise bag I Love Shoes PNOCK […]

Like a modern harlequin

  Oh yes, we need a little bit of colors to try to relieve the heavy return to working life.So here I am in the look of a modern Harlequin, with a pair of pants that made litterally pop the eyes out to all guests of the Hotel Caparena ha ha ha!Fortunately, the majority were […]

DCMFB in Taormina: chapter 3

  Some of the things that are accompanying me during my vacation in Taormina: –Pamu Beachwear bikini –Nau! sunglasses and Masterline haircare products -Ham and honeymelon –AX Paris dresses and Lim Glam necklaces Have a great day!   Alcune delle cose che mi stanno accompagnando durante il mio soggiorno a Taormina: –Pamu Beachwear bikini -Occhiali da […]

DCMFB in Taormina: chapter 1

Hello everyone, as you know we are back to Caparena Hotel in Taormina, that already hosted us in June! After yet another delay of the flight to Catania, the first day has passed between a refreshing dip in the sea, a breathtaking sunset and a good pizza.With me there is always my HTC One phone,  with which […]

DCFB for Bartoli Couture

Good morning from sunny Taormina, my vacations are finally started and I want to take the opportunity to introduce you a risky experiment?This is my first (and in my opinion also unique ha ha ha) capsule collection designed by me (very badly, so much to be ashamed, believe me) and carried out by Bartoli Haute Couture in […]

Here it comes Lucrezia

Dear Antigona, scoot and leave some room to Lucrezia, your new little sister!Here is the bag that I chose durente sales at  White Gallery, it carries the name of one of the components of the Borgias and it is branded Givenchy.As the Antigona is solid and crushproof whic are very important features for me when choosing […]