Prodotti beauty top 2015

A volte lo specchio sembra riflettere solo i difetti; cellulite, capelli orribili, pelle spenta, mani trascurate! Ecco i prodotti beauty top 2015. Ecco quali sono i prodotti beauty top 2015. In queste giornate, di solito tendo ad uscire di casa con qualcosa di largo, comodo, assolutamente anonimo, capelli legati e occhialoni neri, nella speranza di […]

Pink, white and beige

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Just for this time I have decided to make a minor change: I wore white, bright pink and beige. But the terrace and the photographer are the same….. It’s just that I am to lazy to carry my camera with me when we are going out and… I […]

Essie and Sal y Limon

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I can’t believe that I have finally found Essie’s nail polishes in Rome! They are more rare than a clover! And since my credit card was already out of the wallet I have splurged a little bit more thanks to lovely (grrrrr!!!) Lucy of The Pink Carpet who […]

Neon and beige

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Another interpretation of the Proenza Shouler’s neon coral satchel: today I have combined it with beige. And I am also introducing my new pants from Zara! They are supposed to share the same color with the Proenza but eventually the light exposure faked the shade of pink! Same thing […]

nude, black and gold

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Quick post to highlight  3 things: First: nude + black + gold is a nice combination. Second that according to the photographer, Alice of Appunti Di Moda, this blazer is not looking as it is in pictures. Third …I forgot the third point….I am a multitasking person and while […]

The Countess,The Spikes And The Mosquitoes!

An evening dinner at “La Contessa” turned into a nightmare….we were attacked by a mosquitoes swarm! Too bad for them that I was lethally armed with my Lorissas and their spikes….the mosquitoes had no escape….. Una cena al ristorante “La Contessa” stava per trasformarsi in un incubo quando siamo stati attaccati da un’esercito di zanzare! […]

A Tiger In The Woods

Recently some local newspapers reported the presence of a panther in Maremma which is the country side of Argentario (that is the place where we are spending our holidays). Now looking at his outfit I am wondering if they really saw a panther or that was simply me modeling for these pictures….haha!!! Recentemente è stata […]

Optical Print Blouse and Bikiniworld Opening

This time I am really impressed by my latest purchase: this outrageous optical print blouse! It was love at first sight also because of the price. Northland is the brand and although I’ve never heard of it before, I bought several other things from this brand. Do you like it? REMEMBER TO PARTICIPATE TO MY […]

Imperial Red Leather Jacket

I finally got it!!! Let me introduce you to my brand new red leather jacket. Do you know where I got it? The previously cited Imperial-sort-of-a-disco-store!!!! I’ve been searching everywhere and it was just under my nose. What do you think about it??? P.S. check my collaboration with by clicking here and here Finalmente l’ho trovato! […]

Working day outfit: red blazer

As promised, here is a new appointment with my working day outfits. This time, the main color is red that is mixed with the more sober black. I completed the whole outfit with my Dior Gold Nail Polish. How do you get dressed for the office/university. What is your favourite style?  Let me know your thoughts….  […]