The red coat

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Did I ever tell you that I love red? Oh yes several times that’s why I had to have a red coat in my closet and not a simple plain coat but this puff sleved pleated coat from Romwe that I have already showed you here.  This time I […]

Alta Rosa: ecofriendly fashion

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  I love this eco-friendly cardigan by Alta Rosa! And I hate rainy days, don’t you? Adoro questo cardigan in seta buretta di Alta Rosa. Sapete perchè? Perchè rispetta la natura! Ogni creazione ALTA ROSA è una vera e propria opera d’arte sotto forma di tessuti naturali e da […]

romwe red maxi skirt

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Someone could say that I am boring: so what? I  love pleated maxi skirts…is that a crime??? So don’t be shy and say hello to my 10th maxi skirt: coming from Romwe !! Qualcuno potrebbe dire che sono noiosa e monotona, probabilmente è vero ma a me queste gonne lunghe a […]

Mushrooms & Pumpkins By Luna

Sooooo,  I decided I wanted a soup and mixed together the mushroom pendant and pumpkin ring made by Luna By Oldani hahaha!!! Seriously, I couldn ‘t love these jewels more and these pictures are not making any justice of them. But you know…I don’t have a trained staff behind me…only my hubby (with no photography […]

Zara Fall/Winter 2011-12 Ochre Pants!

Ochre has become my new fave color so far. Thanks Zara for all these colored clothes!!! Here I took the chance. that I was offered by the multi-color H&M floral blouse, to combine my new Zara ochre pants with the Asos pink faux fur coat. The blouse sports, among other colors, ochre, brown and pink […]

Zara Fall/Winter 2011-12 Ochre Blazer And Polka Dot Blouse

According to my modest opinion, this season is Zara’s best collection ever! I bought my first T shirt from Zara almost seven years ago and after that I have never bought anything else until last S/S collection.  I couldn’t find anything I liked: simple as that! But this year…. ooooooh…I am splurging at Zara!! Here […]

H&M Boho Pink Blouse

I think that you have seen this blouse on zillion of bloggers….so here is my version of it. You might have noticed that I am truly in love with this kind of blouse and this one is now one of my favorites! And to celebrate this outfit I picked a different location: so I left […]

Magazzini Del Sale

NAUGHTY MONKEY SHOES GIVEAWAY: ENTER HERE SCARPE NAUGHTY MONKEY GRATIS? ACCEDI AL GIVEAWAY QUI To comply with my Boho-Chic style for the upcoming season I have bought this 70s style dress in….Reggio Emilia!!! I have never seen so many gorgeous shops in a row like in this city!  During my small walk in the main street I […]

H&M Flower Blouse Autumn/Winter 2011-12

NAUGHTY MONKEY SHOES GIVEAWAY: ENTER HERE SCARPE NAUGHTY MONKEY GRATIS? ACCEDI AL GIVEAWAY QUI I can’t believe it! I bought this H&M blouse for only 9.95 €!!! My first bargain ever!! Isn’t it fabulous?? Non ci posso credere! Ho comprato questa blusa da H&M per soli 9,95€! E’ il mio primo vero affare! Non è carinissima?? H&M […]

Max Bianco Booties And Ralph Lauren Pink Pony day!

Let me introduce you to another example of extreme shopping! One day I was with my friend Rita, and we happened to step into this shop that was about to close for the night. In-buy-out took only 5 minutes and these Max Bianco booties were mine forever. Do you like them? Vi presento un altro […]