Best hair products of the year

Can one be addicted to a hair  product ?? Yes if it solves you a problem and becomes for you the best product of the year .Do you remember Masterline hair system products ? They are the ones who manage to keep my hair clean and shiny over 4 days . I did several tests with high-end […]

DCMFB in Taormina: chapter 3

  Some of the things that are accompanying me during my vacation in Taormina: –Pamu Beachwear bikini –Nau! sunglasses and Masterline haircare products -Ham and honeymelon –AX Paris dresses and Lim Glam necklaces Have a great day!   Alcune delle cose che mi stanno accompagnando durante il mio soggiorno a Taormina: –Pamu Beachwear bikini -Occhiali da […]

Wild wild hair

A busy life and a busy week, I was so in a rush that I was forced to let my hair dry naturally.I try to tame them since I was little, without ay success. This time I turned to to highly professional products that nothing could do against the force of nature. Here is the result…..But eventually, […]

My personal care products and Polo X-Day in Rome

I make a premise: before writing this post I made a test about two weeks with the line of NUTRI REPAIRE Masterline and I’m really excited about these products! After treatment with shampoo and mask the hair is soft, shiny and easy to work with hair dryer and brush. The results last for days!To learn […]