I viaggi della (s) fashion blogger: Sarteano

La Befana nelle vesti di (s) fashion blogger è atterrata a Sarteano, in provincia di Siena. Tra una rocca inespugnabile ed un Bed & Breakfast da provare, oggi vi invito a fare un giro con me in questo bellissimo paesino! Ritornano i celeberrimi viaggi della (s) fashion blogger in questo caso detta anche la Befana! […]

Il bomber con stampa esotica

Un bomber con stampa esotica ed una blusa in placid blue, due trend imperdibili di questa primavera estate 2014, il risultato è un outfit forse un po’ azzardato ma non troppo per una (s) fashion blogger! Buongiorno a tutti! Ormai è chiarissimo che le stampe esotiche mi hanno davvero conquistata e così dopo la gonna […]

Ancora frange!

Happy Tuesday to all  the (un) fashion blogger universe, including Martians ! My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is worsening and the blog is gradually becoming the first fringed fashion blog of the blogosphere . Today I introduce you, worn in an outfit , the Patrizia Pepe blazer  that I’ve found on  Piustyle and that you can find now on […]

La chiesa

There is a small church on the way to my mother’s house, it is hidden in the woods but ait is still visible by car.  Intrigued, we stopped and saw that, contrary to what I thought, the church is still active.  Now I have to find out its name, in any case, I have brought […]

Time to go with 2W2M: Manuuuuuuuu!

As you know 2W2M has launched the “Time to go with 2W2M “# GLAMTROTTING # SS14 project and in this case I was inspired by a Lost in Translation Experience mood mostly because of the clueless face that my hubby made when I told him the project name …. he doesn’t know a word of English! Vi ricordate ” […]


I am a “wild one”. You have no idea how much I am WILD. And I also want to put it in writing!  This A Byciclette sweatshirt had to be mine!  Thanks Silvia, you’re a real friend and a great blogger! Io sono una “selvaggia“. Non avete idea di quanto io lo sia. E lo voglio mettere […]

Plain outfit: black and blue

I just had an original thought, I combined blue and black. I am a genius!  The reality is that I am running out of ideas, or rather, I spent the last week buried alive in a meeting, I’m very tired. I have little imagination and I take it easy on styling.  Ho proprio avuto un […]

Zara plaid coat

You have seen it on zillions of bloggers, but you had not yet seen oit n me! I’m talking about the famous Zara plaid coat (not tartan) ! Nice huh? But even this  one….. has no buttons! I don’t understand,  are two tiny buttons so expensive? I then concentrated on accessories to forget about the […]

Ruco Line and graffiti wall

New appointment with my favorite graffiti wall, apparently the drawing has not changed this time!  I am wearing the only sneakers non sneakers that I have ever fallen in love with, the famous Ruco Line, because every now and then, I like to be more comfortable! Nuovo appuntamento con il mio murales preferito, ma questa […]

La piccola Londra a Roma

There are two options: either I’m a big ignorant or my husband knows it all. Most likely it is the first one I wrote, LOL! We went to meet the talented Maria Gabriela Gomez Ortega in her shop in Via del Vignola ,where I got the beautiful earrings you see in the photos. Since I did […]