Coral and beige

How lucky am I ? These pumps are perfectly coordinated with the Proenza PS1! It was long since I thought about this combination and here is the first result: I mitigated the excess of color with the neutral beige and the with the whole family we went for a ride through the streets of Rome […]

Turquoise and royal blue

Yes, I risked being ran over by a car to take this picture, but for this blog I can do this and much more! I am joking of course!The first photo is actually the result of a feeling of well-being:  in fact I felt very comfortable in this outfit that put together royal blue and […]

Mamo Bijoux

I dont know if you’ve ever experienced this: to see some jewelry in the pictures and say “ah that is so cute” then you see them live, and exclaim “they’re gorgeous!”.  It happened to me this time with the jewels of Mamo Bijoux   They are a thousand times more beautiful as they look on the website […]