bmw e trussardi

Trussardi e Bmw regalano una serata Romana dedicata al lusso sportivo ma assolutamente esclusivo e fashion! Motori e Moda per un mix di altissima classe La primavera sboccia e Roma sfoggia eleganza e charme in ogni angolo. In una sola serata mi sono ritrovata a vivere due eventi davvero unici. Il primo un’esclusivo cocktail nella […]

Zara Fall/Winter 2011-12 Zip Blazer

I always wanted to have a zipped blazer (you have already seen it here)!  That was my goal when I entered Zara. Too bad that I came back also with: -Another blouse, -Studded gloves (you can see them here) -Studded collar (also shown in these pictures) …I am wondering if they put any kind of […]

Leopards By Night!

NAUGHTY MONKEY SHOES GIVEAWAY: ENTER HERE SCARPE NAUGHTY MONKEY GRATIS? ACCEDI AL GIVEAWAY QUI A ladies night out was the right occasion to walk my leopards around! They groared all night long after the gorgeous waiter that served our table…haha!!! Don’t you think that the photographer is somehow improving? Teheee!! Una cena tra amiche è stata l’occasione […]

Zara White Blouse

NAUGHTY MONKEY SHOES GIVEAWAY: ENTER HERE SCARPE NAUGHTY MONKEY GRATIS? ACCEDI AL GIVEAWAY QUI Did I tell you that I am in love with boho shirts? Well I think this is not a secret anymore! Here is my latest purchase from Zara, that I have combined with  Zara (redundant) python clutch & shoes. I would also love […]

Asos Flower Dress & Showroom Privè!

Summer is gone already. This might be the last chance for this dress to escape from my closet….. Are you willing to leave summer behind your back? BTW, I don’t like this outfit, the dress is to short. Anyway I went out like this and felt a bit uncomfy….  L’estate è finita. Questa potrebbe essere […]

The Countess,The Spikes And The Mosquitoes!

An evening dinner at “La Contessa” turned into a nightmare….we were attacked by a mosquitoes swarm! Too bad for them that I was lethally armed with my Lorissas and their spikes….the mosquitoes had no escape….. Una cena al ristorante “La Contessa” stava per trasformarsi in un incubo quando siamo stati attaccati da un’esercito di zanzare! […]

Asos Red Shoes

Previously you saw them in beige. What I omitted is that I also own a pair of coral red Asos Open Toes…..didn’t I tell you about my tendence to stack when I fall in love with something? Yeah, yeah I know what you are thinking: why is she wearing a broom as a hat? That […]

Bracelets & Rings: my private collection

Soooooo, you know that I am addicted to shoes, belts and bags but I  am also obsessed with jewelry. As only a magpie can do I began to accumulate piles of jewels since the day I was born!!! Here you can see a selection that includes multiple colored H&M bangles, an I-don’t-remember-where-I-bought-it bracelet, a Louis […]

Imperial Red Leather Jacket

I finally got it!!! Let me introduce you to my brand new red leather jacket. Do you know where I got it? The previously cited Imperial-sort-of-a-disco-store!!!! I’ve been searching everywhere and it was just under my nose. What do you think about it??? P.S. check my collaboration with by clicking here and here Finalmente l’ho trovato! […]

Celyn B Chained Blazer

This pictures were shot on a rainy day in Rome, that’s why I am wearing my Chiarini boots and sporting a fake smiling face (GRRRRR…I hate rain!!!). See this blazer? I got it from Celyn  B last winter, and this is the first time I am wearing it without a coat or a faux fur […]