Il soprabito azzurro

Goodmorning everybody from Roma! You will have astutely noticed that since some time , I started greeting you . The fact is that I realized I ‘m really a bit  loutish and I had forgotten good manners . I come from strict upbringing, the same I try to teach my son .  I can’t forget […]

Time to go with 2W2M: Manuuuuuuuu!

As you know 2W2M has launched the “Time to go with 2W2M “# GLAMTROTTING # SS14 project and in this case I was inspired by a Lost in Translation Experience mood mostly because of the clueless face that my hubby made when I told him the project name …. he doesn’t know a word of English! Vi ricordate ” […]


I am a “wild one”. You have no idea how much I am WILD. And I also want to put it in writing!  This A Byciclette sweatshirt had to be mine!  Thanks Silvia, you’re a real friend and a great blogger! Io sono una “selvaggia“. Non avete idea di quanto io lo sia. E lo voglio mettere […]

Guess faux fur burgundy jacket

The elf has arrived! Here are the first shots with the Marinama Creazioni ear cuff! And just to feel a little bit like the promised bride of Aragorn, of (fake) hairs I’m dressed. The burgundy faux fur jacket is made by Guess  and jeans are of my favorite brand: 2W2M. The model you see is the Capri one and I want to […]

Il mio dolce Natale with MyBonBons

Comincio ad abituarmi all’idea che tra poco sarà Natale.  Ora ho la gioia di farlo vivere a mio figlio, ma per me e’ sempre stato un vero incubo dai 18 anni in su…….. Questa volta ho deciso di aiutarmi con un piccolo regalo: un bracciale MyBonBons by Nomination della collezione dedicata al Natale!.Sperando che mi […]

Peace and love

Peace and love brothers and sisters….peace and love…. Have a great day, sorry for the quick pist but I am in a super hurry!!! Pace e amore fratelli, pace e amore….. Buona giornata a tutti e scusate il post brevissimo ma oggi sono davvero di corsissima!!! Risskio tee My Italian Leather turquoise bag I Love Shoes PNOCK […]

Leopard prints and beige

In all honesty I don’t like me at all in these pictures, I look uglier than usual and the outfit is not that great. I also put the world inside the bag, as if I were going on a long journey.  Instead, I simply went to the Anthea’s birthday party.  But then, I’m not a fashion blogger […]

My new python sandals

Well the excuse is to show you my new sandals with python details ….. but I also wanted to show you this beautiful blouse by CEC Moda that I madly love! It’s long, soft and it covers all the little flaws! The golden collar also makes it suitable for a glam evening! The final touch […]