Ricotta and broccoli pie gluten free

Torta rustica ricotta e broccoli senza glutine

Today I introduce you to the recipe of the gluten free ricotta and broccoli pie. Until a few years ago it would have been unthinkable to have an acceptable result and today it is very easy! Find out how by reading the post! Being celiac or having a celiac at home today is not a […]

Soft focaccia without gluten

Dear celiacs or gluten intolerant today I tell you the secret to prepare a soft focaccia without gluten !! You don’t believe it? Read here! Have you ever managed to prepare a soft focaccia without gluten? For me it had become a mirage now! I had abandoned all hope and I did not think I […]

Gluten-free Christmas lunch ideas

pranzo di natale senza glutine

Just a few days at the big event !! Here are some last minute ideas for the gluten-free Christmas lunch menu !! Cannelloni and cookies! Preparing a gluten-free Christmas lunch is not easy. Not that it was before, but with intolerances we must find the right balance not to be repetitive, not always cook the […]

Gluten free crepes

crepes senza glutine

Gluten free crepes, sweet or savory, since I tried this recipe I love them more than before and I vary them with different stuffings. If you are short of ideas for a tasty snack or a quick lunch, gluten free crepes can be a solution as they can be  prepared in half an hour and […]

gluten-free and lactose-free cake

torta senza glutine e senza lattosio

Here’s how to prepare a gluten-free and lactose-free cake. With pears and chocolate, success is guaranteed !! Especially for a birthday! Preparing a gluten-free and lactose-free cake creates a certain concern, especially if you are a beginner with gluten-free flour dough and alternative milk drinks. Do not worry, today I want to share with you […]