mint green and grey outfit

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I had this Zara mint green sweater rotting in my closet for some time…I was very unconvinced on how to wear it. I like this color but it’s really abused on the bloglosphere. So my first attempt with it turned out to be a very simple mint and grey […]

00191 showroom part 3

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!   I paid one more visit to my favorite showroom: 00191 and I found some more amazing stuff that I want to share with you. The first one is this faux fur grey jacket that belongs to Lipsy’s fall-winter 2013 collection. I should say “belonged” beacause now it’s mine!!! […]

low cost outfit

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I am not always splurging you know? I can also create a low cost outfit! I might have some valuable pieces but I do also indulge on less expensive ones. I wanted to show you an outfit that has an overall price tag of 120 euros.  All made of […]

Asos Faux Fur Coat And Chon Boots!

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! First of all let’s celebrate our day Ladies!!! Although I strongly believe that we should celebrate it every day! New outfit with the creamy version of this Asos faux fur coat. This time I have styled it with the brown Zara pants and my Chon boots. I hope you […]

Asos Faux Fur Coat And Zara Burgundy Pants

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Once again I decided to wear this Zara shepherd’s sweater but this time I don’t like the result. Fact is, that these Zara Burgundy pants are getting to large at the bottom. The fabric is not a good quality one and it has loose a lot…..especially at the bottom. […]

Military Green Outfit

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I finally found a way to close this Zara faux fur jacket! I simply put a belt on it .  To tell you the truth,  it now also has a hook but this time I decided that a very simple belt would have made it! You can see form […]

Zara Faux Fur Jacket Fall/Winter 2011-12

Do you like this faux fur jacket? They sell it at Zara for 79 €! It’s warm and perfectly fitting but…….it doesn’t have any button….they saved on that…simple like this! Can you believe it? I was looking for a jacket like this for a long time so I bought it even without buttons, I can […]

Sam Edelman’s Renzo Spike Booties

Hahaha!!! Do you remember these shoes that I found on ASOS? Well, a merciful friend of mine has brought them from the US!!! It’s not that easy to find this brand in Italy,  in fact I just saw them in Tamagnini (Reggio Emilia) so far. Do you like them? Sam Edelman’s Renzo Spike Booties you […]

My Asos Latest Purchases

Tomorrow the name of the winner of the Naughty Monkey giveaway will be announced! Domani annuncerò il nome del vincitore del Giveaway di Naughty Monkey! It all started with a black pleated maxi skirt. I couldn’t find it anywhere until I saw this petite version on Asos . I am definitely not a petite size but I […]