4 things to do after lockdown

cose da fare post quarantena

Today I am talking about 4 things to do after lockdown in a half-serious way and above all spiced up with some fashion advice. 5 looks for 4 different occasions! Are you ready to read everything? Today I tell you 4 things to do after lockdown and I also tell you which clothing is the […]

Velvet in summer, yay or nay?

velluto in estate

Is it appropriate to wear velvet in summer? I bet most of you would say no, but you should know that velvet is a very cool fabric suitable for summer. Look at this dress for example ….. Velvet in summer? Naaaah! In the collective imagination, this fabric is associated with winter and the need to […]

2019 fall fashion trends, flounces

moda autunno 2019

Unfortunately, summer is really over, let’s console ourselves by taking a look at the most popular of 2019 fall fashion trends, flounces! They kept us company throughout the last spring-summer season BUT … flounces will also be displayed among the 2019 fall fashion trends. Fortunately, I would say, since I bought a lot of dresses […]

2019 spring summer colors, beige

colori primavera estate 2019

Today Francesca and I take you to discover of the 2019 spring summer colors and in particular beige. Fashion needs neutral colors but how to combine them so as not to seem trivial? Among the 2019 spring summer colors, beige and neutral colors stand out. They are perfect for all types of women, from the most imaginative to […]