Instagrammable bathrooms, how to pick the right one

bagni instagrammabili jacuzzi

After talking about flowers today I bring you to the discovery of the instagrammable bathrooms, a passion common to many fashion influencers but that needs some advice to avoid unpleasant surprises! Did you know that there are also instagrammable bathrooms? Oh yes because the world of fashion influencers has crept into one of the most […]

spring summer 2019 jeans trends

jeans primavera estate 2019

Let’s go to the discovery of the spring summer 2019 jeans trends, which ones to buy? I chose a 7.24 bell bottom model and I played it in a western rock style. Today we are going to browse the spring summer 2019 jeans trends , which model to buy and especially why not take advantage of 2019 winter […]

Best ways to wear a bodysuit

How to wear a bodysuit, and remember girls, even the lingerie ones are super fashion, I would say that they are a real trend! What are the best ways to wear a bodysuit, a trend that returns from the ’80s and ‘90s, a versatile garment with which we can create refined and elegant outfits, sexy, […]

Zumba master class with Beto Perez

The Fashion Mob tells you about Zumba’s classes with Beto Perez, the founder of the biggest fitness company in the world and explains what is Zumba and what are its benefits . Put 4 aggressive women and Zumba classes with Beto Perez, grafted into an audience of fans of this type of physical activity and energy […]

Elegant look for Valentine’s day

Have you hooked a billionaire on February 14th to take you to a top place? Then you have to immediately think about an elegant look for Valentine’s Day. Here is my proposal! Hands up those of us who have never dreamed of wearing an elegant look for Valentine’s Day and going to celebrate the day […]

How to work out with a faux fur coat

come fare ginnastica con la pelliccia

Do you want to be fit for free? I present you fur fit, or how to how to work out with a faux fur coat. You don’t believe it? Read here! Women, I have come up with the solution to be fit without spending a fortune! Here is fur fit, a revolutionary way to work out with […]

Lights of Gaeta

luminarie di gaeta

Today I bring you among the lights of Gaeta 2018 and I tell you until when you can see them and the best times to watch the shows in the square. Put a new year at Circeo and add a dose of resourcefulness: this is how we managed to see the famous lights of Gaeta. […]

Winter 2019 sales, a practical guidance

saldi inverno 2019

Today I present the guide for winter 2019 sales: when they start and what to buy. But above all, how to avoid being cheated? Ready Set Go! Here is the guide to winter 2019 sales! In fact, starting tomorrow January 5 winter sales begin in Italy, except in Basilicata (where they started on January 2) […]

snake print, how to style it

Among the animal prints, snake print is the least flashy yet we at The Fashion Mob managed to wear a rather flashy one! Here are some tips on how to wear it! Snake print is undoubtedly a much more discreet print than the famous leopard print look, but when we of The Fashion Mob wear it you can […]

Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger in 2018

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger nel 2018

And so there we are, tomorrow will be 2019. But what happened to Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger in 2018? I’ll tell you today together with some background. Happy New Year to you all! Today is the last of the year. From tomorrow we start 2019 and I want to tell you what happened to […]