Wedding in Rome, where?

dove organizzare matrimoni a roma

Are you really sure you want to marry and you want to do it in the Eternal City? Here’s where to organize your wedding in Rome: in the splendid setting of Villa Majestic Dafne! I have been married for almost 19 years but if you are about to take the big step, today I will tell […]

2019 spring summer accessories

accessori primavera estate 2019

2019 spring summer accessories! Are you ready to discover the must-have for the new season? I have chosen some, let’s see if you like them too. 2019 spring summer accessories! What are the must haves of the next season among headbands. shoes and bags? It lacks a precise month at the end of winter, the days […]

4 elegant looks for every style

look elegante blu

Here are 4 elegant looks for every style: romantic, 70’s, folk, bon ton. 4 different interpretations of the evening look by The Fashion Mob. I have chosen for me a dreamy electric blue dress! 4 women extremely different in temperament, age and attitude interpret 4 elegant looks for every style. The Fashion Mob team, photographed […]

White boots, how to style them

stivali bianchi

There are many preconceptions about white boots: they are considered vulgar, from ice cream and much more, today I’ll explain how to combine them in a classic look (but not too much). White boots are often object of discrimination. Yes, because in the collective imagination they are frequently associated with “easy going, you know” girls, […]

How to style bell bottom jeans

come abbinare i jeans a campana

In the 70s they were very popular, today they are still trendy but it is not easy to match them. Here’s how to style the bell bottom jeans respecting volumes and geometries. Today we talk about how to style the bell bottom jeans, a cult piece of 70s fashion that should be managed with caution […]

4 last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day

4 idee last minute per san valentino

Welcome to 4 last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day, or how to turn into success the most romantic evening of the year with 4 professional tricks! You could do a reality show called “last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day“, for sure there would be a lot of fun. Oh yes because while we women expect […]

How to choose the right sweater

come scegliere il maglione giusto

The Fashion Mob team today gives you some useful tips on how to choose the right sweater for your style and how to match it. 4 sweaters for 4 different looks! The sales are still ongoing and it’s time to buy the winter 2019 sweaters, as it is still cold. How to choose the right […]

2019 spring summer trends

It’s true that it’s still cold but we must look forward and pay attention to the 2019 spring summer trends. Here’s what awaits us! We are still in the middle of winter but today I make you dream a little. What will be the colors and the 2019 spring summer trends? If we were to summarize, we […]

The dark side of fashion influencers

fashion influencer

They will bury me like that … between my bags, the mobile phone melted and the PC in my hand. Here is the dark side of fashion influencers, what is hidden behind the scenes that few know and understand. When, as a joke, I imagine how I will leave this world (hopefully as late as possible […]

country look, how to dress up in the country

Dress up, we are going for a trip. Yes ok but I’m a fashion blogger so I want to be glam in the country too: what country look do I choose? Today I’ll explain how to be fashionable even in the fields! Dress up, we are going for a trip. Yes ok but I’m a […]