Faux leather biker jacket by Gio Cellini

giacca in ecopelle gio cellini

A faux leather biker jacket is always a great idea! Mine is by Gio Cellini and it is a preview of what we will find in stores next spring 2020! Do you like my faux leather biker jacket by Gio Cellini? Well you’ll have to wait until spring 2020 to find it in store! As […]

White ruffle shirt by Kate Kasin

camicia bianca con rouches

Today I propose a more classic variant of a timeless classic, here is my white ruffle shirt that I found on Kate Kasin. Do you like it ?? A white ruffle shirt is one of the most fashionable variants of a timeless classic, a garment that we should all have: the white shirt. I found […]

Mom and son dressed alike

mamma e figlio vestiti uguali

Dressed alike couples, mothers and daughters dressed alike. But mom and son dressed alike is almost rare? We did it thanks to the T Shirts we took at the Hard Rock in Florence! On the web and in the newspapers you see identical dressed couples, mothers and daughters dressed alike but very rarely do you […]

Shorts with stripes

shorts con le righe

Do you like my new shorts with stripes? Here is the perfect look, by Goa Goa, for a walk in the city. In a really hot climate!   Shorts with stripes, a t-shirt and sneakers: this is the first Goa Goa outfit. Let’s start with a comfortable daytime look perfect for a walk in the city. […]

Flounced dresses are for everyone?

vestiti con balze

Today we of The Fashion Mob want to show you that flounced dresses, the 2019 summer fashion trend, are really good for everyone. Who better than us could do it? The Fashion Mob for flounced dresses! When we created the Italian influencer team we had a clear idea in mind: to represent the modern woman […]

2019 summer look

look estate 2019

Maybe we are almost there and the warmer season has arrived! I can finally show off my 2019 summer look by 24.24 clothing! Remember that prints and denim are the protagonists of the summer season! After a winter that never seemed to end, I’m ready to show you a 2019 summer look by 24.25 Clothing. The […]

Long skirt with stars

gonna lunga con le stelle

Today we talk about my long skirt with stars and the fact that your fashion influencer over 40 is even more over 40! Today, in fact, I turn 48! A long skirt with stars and my T Shirt from the (s) fashion collection to celebrate my 48 years! Yeah, today is my birthday and from […]

Cashmere sweater, where to buy

maglia in cashmere gialla

My cashmere sweater is different: not only is it yellow but it is also made of fine yarns and hands that draw, spin, make agreements to guarantee the best quality. Because there is cashmere and there is….Cashmere. Hands up who has not thought once that a cashmere sweater is worth the other! My fault! I […]

Giambattista Valli for HM, when and prices

This is the news of the moment, Giambattista Valli for HM! Today I tell you when the new collection will be available and what the prices are. But I will also tell you something about this excellent designer. His last collaboration made us dream: Giambattista Valli for HM! The most awaited moment by fashionistas around […]

Jeans at the office, yay or nay?

indossare i jeans in ufficio

We all asked ourselves, can we wear jeans at the office? Yay or nay? Or are they relegated only to casual fridays? The answer is in this total look by 24.25 Clothing! I’ve been questioning myself for years, between a multinational company and another, can we wear jeans at the office? Yay or nay? Substantially, […]