Madame Butterfly Couture Show

madame butterly couture show

Madame Butterfly Couture Show. Eccentrico e visionario. Eccessivo e ardito. Il vecchio punk John Galliano stupisce tutti. Madame Butterfly Couture Show. Parigi. Primavera/Estate 2007.  All’inizio della “giappomania” John Galliano sorprende ancora. Sbalordisce. Lascia senza fiato. Stavolta rivisitando Madame Butterfly, la giovanissima geisha Chōchō-san che alla fine di una lunga pena d’amore si suiciderà conficcandosi un coltello […]

Little black dress

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!   I have always told you that I am fully convinced that accessories can make a huge difference when dressing up. For example, I had this D&G little black dress for a long time and I have always been very confused on how to style it. I believe that […]

Metal toe pumps

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Do you  like these shoes? I do but…don’t buy them! I have got them from and they are veeeeery cheap, so cheap that the quality is really left behind. I could barely walk with them for more that 10 minutes. Fact is that in a compulsive shopping act, […]

My beloved accessories: shoes part I

Here are some of the shoes I have shown you on this blog so far…. Ed ecco alcune delle scarpe che vi ho mostrato ad oggi…. Studded pumps Asos leopard print boots Sam Edelman Roza pumps Dior booties

Neon and beige

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Another interpretation of the Proenza Shouler’s neon coral satchel: today I have combined it with beige. And I am also introducing my new pants from Zara! They are supposed to share the same color with the Proenza but eventually the light exposure faked the shade of pink! Same thing […]

burberry cropped jacket and dior booties

This might be the last outfit with this Dior booties as the weather is changing so fast…. Anyway, don’t you think that they look great with this Burberry cropped jacket? I have another questions for you: how long do you think this new flowers will last with my hubby around??? Ho idea che questo sarà […]

nude, black and gold

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Quick post to highlight  3 things: First: nude + black + gold is a nice combination. Second that according to the photographer, Alice of Appunti Di Moda, this blazer is not looking as it is in pictures. Third …I forgot the third point….I am a multitasking person and while […]

dior boots & leopard print details

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! These Dior beige booties with croc print details are so versatile!!! I have decided that they can go with everything! This time is the turn of leopard prints and I have put this outfit together for a dinner out with friends. Hope you like the combination! Certo che questi […]

Boho Style Remix!

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! After buying this jacket form Asos I started wearing it almost everyday.  You know the real reason why I have bought it? I had this combination in my mind: pleated maxiskirt and leopard print cropped jacket! In my opinion they mate perfectly…..what about your opinion? Dopo aver comprato questo giubbotto […]

Bonsui Bon Ton Jacket & Spring/Summer Sneak Peak Preview

These are more Bonsui clothes that I have selected from 00191 Showroom. This is beacuse I think I’ll be in a Bon Ton chic or Boho style mood for the upcoming Spring/Summer Season. So, when I found this Chanel-like jacket and the cream & apricot dress I knew they had to be mine. I couldn’t […]