Who’s that girl?

Who’s that girl?? Hmmm a friend….a relative…..or…. I bet that you will never guess it! Ma chi è questa tizia? Potrebbe essere una mia amica, una sconosciuta, una mia parente…o….. Indovinate un po’?? L’ho incontrata qualche tempo fa al parco, quando faceva ancora un po’ freddino!   Zara blazer and sweater Cult wedge sneakers  3.1 […]

Oh my Cult!

Uh oh? Are they sneakers? Really? What are they doing in my closet? I, the queen of the heel 15 (minimum) with a pair of sneakers? Well yes, but for a reason that now I’ll explain. Some time ago I was invited by a famous company to an open day in the Umbrian countryside: after […]