Sister and sister

No, I don’t  have a sister, I’m an only child, as well as my son is.I am talking about  Sister&Sister, emerging brand of t-shirts and accessories for women that reproduce drawings performed with the watercolor technique.In fact, one of the creators of this line of tees is an illustrator of fairy tales for children.I chose the […]

Black and white…..and red!

White and black are the colors of the season, but why not try to break up the monotony with a touch of red? So here is my outfit: black and white enlivened by flashes of red! This is the look I wore for a dinner with my blogger pal Lucy , happy evening as usual […]

Camel and red

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  Red as passion, red as love, red as rage, red as blood…that blood that is still spilled in unexplainable wars. Camel as neutral, camel as peace…that peace that seems to be hard to find nowadays. This outit is a banal excuse to talk sometimes about things that are […]

I love these shoes

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I love these Cesare Paciotti pumps, I think that they are GORGEOUS!  In Italy, Cesare Paciotti is generally associated with the word “tacky” but these pumps are everything but tacky. I love their shape and color and most of all I love their heels!  I am just too blinded […]